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10 DIY Bridal Skincare tips you Need Right Now

As a bride-to-be, the makeup artist does play an important role in making you look gorgeous. But let us take a step backward. Good skin gives the artist a more malleable canvas to work with. Wedding skincare is simple. Your skin must be clean, radiant and have a natural glow. It isn’t rocket science. So let us look at a few tips and tricks to get you glowing skin right at home. The best part about these tricks is that they can assist you with good skincare even after your special day.  

1) Start Well In Advance With The Vitamin C

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It is a gradual process to radiant skin and will not be achieved a fortnight in advance. When it comes to skincare, the earlier you start, the more you will discover about your skin, what works with your skin and what will make your skin look perfect for your wedding day. We suggest you start with a good source of vitamin C. This helps you achieve that natural glow and makes your skin healthy and clears out blemishes. There are many serums containing vitamin C that can be used in your skincare regime daily. We suggest finding the product that works best with your skin and make it a habit to apply this serum daily. 

2) Apply Homemade Natural Masks

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We’ve grown up with our grandmas’ constantly reminding us of the healing properties of haldi and besan for the skin. Using these two with a little milk or rosewater will help de-tan, clear and moisturize your skin at home. No need to pay for expensive facials when you have this piece of skin knowledge. For those with oily skin, we suggest a lemon and yoghurt mask. There are a countless number of homemade masks readily available to you online. But remember always try these well in advance. 

3) Apply A Good Moisturizer and Sunscreen

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This may not be a homemade recipe but discovering the perfect sunscreen and moisturizer for your skin is vital. It is a little daily pampering for the skin. Moisturizers will keep your skin supple and hydrated while a sunscreen will protect you from the harsh effects of UV rays. Establish a good skincare routine and you will see an instant change in your skin. Some natural moisturizers include honey and banana. Making a paste of these two for your skin will help you achieve nourished and happy skin. 

4) Get 8 Hours Of Sleep, Daily!

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Sleep helps the muscles in the skin and body to relax. Good sleep will make your skin glow, get rid of dark circles and leave you feeling healthy and energetic. It may be difficult to sleep closer to your wedding day. Establishing a sleep routine months before you get married helps because your body gets used to a sleeping pattern and you will doze off to sleep at the time you have set for yourself. 

5) Keeping Your Skin Clean

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Cleanups will rid your skin of dry, dull and dead skin, as well as other impurities like blackheads and whiteheads. A good scrub made from ground walnut shells or coffee used every day will wash all these away gradually. Steam also helps clear out blackheads and whiteheads easily. Egg white peel-off masks help you shed all these impurities. 

6) Take Care Of Your Hands

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Your hands are also a point of focus on your wedding day. You need clean well-polished nails, vibrant skin and soft skin. Preparing a mask of honey, turmeric, and besan for your hands, moisturizing them and shaping your nails every day will make your hands look beautiful and your hubby will never want to leave your hand during your ceremony. 

7) Drinking At least 8-12 Glasses of Water Daily

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If your body is clean from inside, your skin will naturally glow! Drinking water will not only help you flush out toxins but will also help with weight loss. Keep yourself well hydrated is an act one must all learn. For a bride with all the stress that comes along with planning a wedding, hydration will keep her healthy and radiant. Carrying a bottle of water along with you everywhere you go is a good habit which everyone must follow.

8) Scrub Your Body Twice A Week

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We’ve taken care of the skin on your face now let’s move to the body. Using coffee grounds to exfoliate once or twice a week will help lessen the impression of stretch marks especially if you are losing weight before your big day. Making this a habit will ensure gorgeous skin before your wedding day. Make your husband drool when he sees you in your wedding attire.  

9) Map Out A Healthy Diet

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Many brides-to-be start wedding planning with diets and the goal to fit into their dream wedding ensemble. But be very careful when crash dieting. Mapping out a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, loads of green tea will help you lose your desired weight and also adds the Midas touch to your skin and body. Including multivitamins to your dietary intake like vitamin E, vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, zinc, etc will make your skin radiant.

10) Do Not Try New Products A Month In Advance

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Four weeks to the wedding is not the time to try anything new. So whatever list of DIY Skin Care tips you want to try, start at least three months in advance. Your skin is a delicate being, do not let it down.

With these simple tips, let your skin do all the talking at your wedding!

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