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7 Things to keep in mind before you head for your wedding jewellery shopping!

7 Things to keep in mind before you head for your wedding jewellery shopping!

Shopoholic or not, wedding shopping will knock your socks off and throw you off on an edge. People just step out of their houses without realizing the intensive shopping that they are about to do. Many brides know what kind of lehenga they want to wear but ask them about jewellery and they’ll give you a blank face. That’s because no one really knows anything about jewellery! Girls, don’t turn a blind eye when it comes to bridal jewellery. If you are a fresher out there who is a little clueless (like all of us), read on! There are a few essential things that you have to keep in mind before you step out and have an unsuccessful shopping day!


1. Trends



Vintage is cool and all, but sometimes it’s good to follow the trends! There are tons of contemporary jewellery designs in the market and you’ll fall in love with them! You can read tons of blogs that we’ve written if you wish to catch up with the latest trends!


2. Don’t Hesitate to Rent


Image source: Beginnings For You


It is totally fine to rent your wedding jewellery! I know many brides who have and they all swear that it is a big money saver. Unless you consider it as an investment, you need not spend a bomb. Just rent it!


3. Versatile


Image source: Mortantra


Go for jewellery that is versatile in every sense. This way you can wear it again!


4. Detachables


Image Source: Makeoverz


Detachable jewellery is a game changer! You can mix and match anyway you want and wear it again and again!


5. Buy from a Trusted Jeweller


Image source: TCZ Motion Pictures


You have to buy your bridal jewellery from a trusted source. It is not necessary to aim for high end brands like Tanishq but that doesn’t mean you purchase your jewellery from any Tom, Dick or Harry!


6. Face Cut


Image source:  Immense Vision


I know face cut sounds tardy, but what is the point of wearing jewellery that doesn’t suit you? Round, oval, long, square, whatever your face cut is, there is plenty of jewellery for all. So don’t settle for less!


7. Stick to One Metal


Image source: Stories by Joseph Radhik


You can choose any metal you want but it would be better to stick to one metal. Imagine wearing gold and silver together. Yikes!


These are just simple things to keep in mind before you go and purchase your bridal jewellery!

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