8 Super-Healthy and Yummy Snacks for Your Pre-Bridal Diet Plan

8 Super-Healthy and Yummy Snacks for Your Pre-Bridal Diet Plan

Imagine this!


You are looking at the calendar stuck on your wall. Your eyes are stuck on the wedding date circled by you in red ink. While planning your wedding any given number of days don’t seem enough and brides are always seen racing against time!


A bride has to juggle a gazillion things which require her to be constantly energetic and on the go! Now, the issue arises when the bride also has to not only eat well to function but has to eat right so that she doesn’t end up putting on extra kilos and going for multiple lehenga alterations. It is extremely difficult for a to-be-bride to fit in gyming and make time to cook up healthy meals amidst all the hullabaloo.


Nourish Organics is a health food brand that provides truly healthy ready-to-eat solutions to the busy, on-the-go bride. Its products are filled with nutrition and natural ingredients that satisfy cravings, yet allow you to munch GUILT-FREE! Hard to believe, right? Moreover, it doesn’t want you to be bored with munching on the same snacks and hence, has six categories of products- nutrition bars, cereals, cookies, snacks, nuts & seeds.


What’s best?

The quality of products that is usually a major concern for anyone including brides is top-notch and trustworthy. The products offered by Nourish Organics are delectable, wholesome, and have high nutritional value. So, if you’re thinking these products compromise taste because of the health aspect, think again!


Here is a sneak peek into some of their most lip-smacking items:


Breakfast- Starting the day on a healthy note


1. Amaranth Muesli



Amaranth- a power-packed, superfood, that is amazingly high on protein and antioxidants, is an ideal cereal to start your day with. The nutty and crunchy texture along with the yummy flavour of cinnamon and vanilla

make an enviable and sought-after breakfast option.

You could also enjoy it with a bowl of Greek Yogurt and fruit compote for better taste.


2. Cocoa Grunch Granola



Hey, you! 

Yeah, I am pointing at all you chocolate loverrrrs!

This healthy chocolatey mixture is a perfect go-to-snack and a healthy swap for a bar of chocolate. Moreover, it has quinoa, flax and is loaded with almonds, cashews, and walnuts. I am already drooling…


You could also try their Honey Crunch Muesli, Cranberry Super Grain Granola, Multi-Grain Muesli and more…


Its Cookie Time!


3. Almond Buckwheat Cookies



These ‘oh-so-yummy’ cookies are gluten-free 

(Yes, yes! I am screaming too!). These wholesome cookies are packed with protein, fibre, and almonds that add the extra crunch.


4. Chia Turmeric Cookies



For all those who would frown upon the combined taste of turmeric and ginger, Nourish Organics has brought to you a yummy, flavourful and wholesome snack with added medicinal properties.

You could either dip it in your evening chai or simply munch on it when you feel hungry. Excited to bite into this desi snack?


That’s not all! Nourish organics has a wide range of cookie options including- Chocolate Coconut Cookies, Fig Amaranth Cookies, Ginger Oats Cookies, and Oats Cranberry Cookies.


Sumptuous Seeds


5. Omega Seed Mix




Nah! Seeds are not as boring as they used to be, ladies!

These even have a dash of soy sauce (yum… yum).

This snack is a true superfood star- loaded with sunflower, buckwheat, flax, and pumpkin. 

You could have a handful as and when you are hungry or you could use it as a topping for hummus, soups or salads.


You could also opt for some other yummy options like- Honey Roasted Almonds, Fruit & Nut TrailMix, Pumpkin Seed Mix, etc.


Munching and Crunching!


6. Tomato & Herbs Flax Crackers



Imagine yourself just trying to take a break between the wedding frenzy. You would want to curl up in your bed and binge-watch your favourite show, right? However, no binge-watching session is complete without something to eat (and I second this).

You are likely to reach out for something in your snack cabinet and I suggest it should be these crisp and flavoursome tomato and her flax crackers. The icing on the cake is that this is full of omega 3s, antioxidants, and fibre. You could have this with a delicious Lebanese Labneh Dip or top them with fresh avocado.


7. Cinnamon Coconut Chips



Cinnamon and coconut- an effortless, simple, yet yummy combination. Baked and crisp pieces of coconut topped with cinnamon powder- tempting, right? Brides, you could eat them as is or add them as toppings on your smoothie or a warm bowl of oatmeal.


There are a variety of other snacks you could try out and I am sure you won’t stop munching on them- Brown Rice Snacks, Wasabi Poha and Onion Poha.


You would definitely want to eat this ‘Bar-Bar’ 🙂

8. Vanilla Nut Bar



Busy bee brides may often have to let go of a meal during the wedding planning process- you are either too far from any eatery, have forgotten to carry your lunch box, or simply don’t have the time! How about carrying this Healthy Nut Bar along with you!

Made out of puffed rice, this bar is loaded with almonds raisins, dates and of course have a hint of yummy vanilla.


Not a big fan of vanilla, Don’t worry! 

You could try out other health bars like Apple Oats Bar, Banana Oats Bar, Choco Oats Bar, and more…


So ladies, ready to go Om Nom Nom?

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