9 Makeup mistakes to avoid if you want to ace that bridal look!

9 Makeup mistakes to avoid if you want to ace that bridal look!


Lets face it, we might love makeup but at the same time not all of us are experts! Makeup is very very tricky. It can literally make or break your bridal look. We’ve made many goof ups all our lives but the wedding day is the last day you want to make any mistake, especially with your makeup!

We are sure your makeup artist is a professional, but galti insaan se hi hoti hai!

I’ve compiled a list of makeup mistakes that every bride needs to avoid in order to ensure that her makeup is A1!


1. Changing your skincare routine.



Giirrl, you crazy? Don’t change your routine just days or a week before your wedding. You’ll be in big trouble, especially if your skin is sensitive or prone to acne. Stick to the skincare routine that suits you the best and the one you’ve been doing for years!


2. Experimenting with makeup



Your wedding day is not the day to try on a new foundation. It is not advisable to experiment with your makeup on the day of your wedding, lady! God forbid your skin reacts! Throw the trends out of the window. Let your makeup be something you’ve tried, loved and appreciated.


3. Skipping makeup trials


Image source: The Lightsmiths


It is super important to get as many makeup trials as possible! Once you’ve purchased your lehenga, jewellery and finalised on a makeup artist, ask for a trial. And ask again if not satisfied! Decide on your look beforehand. It’s not worth arguing at the last minute with your artist!


4. Wrong shade of lipstick



Skin tone is a different topic, but have you ever considered your lehenga colour while choosing your lipstick? Please do, honey! It’s a blasphemy to wear orange lipstick with tangerine lehenga! If you are confused and want to know which lipstick suits your lehenga the best, read this blog and do yourself some educate.


5. Wearing too much makeup



The 90’s are gone. Videographing is now an old thing, you don’t need to slather makeup just for the video! Please please don’t go over the board and wear 1000kgs of makeup on your wedding day (or any day!) It looks gordy and bleh! You don’t want to look like a vamp from Ekta Kapoor’s daily soap, do you?


6. Wearing lip gloss



I love myself some lip gloss but hun, you’ll have to say buh-bye to lip gloss on your wedding day. Firstly, it comes off easily. Secondly, if your lips are too shiny, the pictures will have some glare in them. You don’t want that! On that note, please don’t wear glitter lipstick either. Just don’t.


7. Dramatic Eyelashes



I despise fake eyelashes but some women won’t do without them. In fact the makeup artist will make sure that they stick the chunky, super dark fake lashes. I suggest you go for the ones that don’t spell drama (you are enough for that. Let the eyes stay quiet this time!)


8. Not wearing waterproof mascara



Indian brides, I implore you, please wear waterproof mascara! Scratch that, wear waterproof makeup! Afterall, vidaai ke baad chudail jaise nahi dikhna na!


9. Not giving your makeup enough time to set


Image source: Dipak Studios


After every step of the makeup process, let it dry naturally. This way it will last longer and giving the popularity of our long vidhis, you might as well follow this rule!


30 years from now if you don’t want your kids to look at your wedding photos and exclaim “mum! What’s with that makeup??!!”, just steer clear from these 9 makeup gloops!

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