Kimayra: Your Go-to place for Skincare and Haircare Products

Kimayra: Your Go-to place for Skincare and Haircare Products


Lehenga- Check


Dulha- Hopefully check 😛


Umm…are you missing out something important?


Do you think your wedding preparations will be complete without a beauty regime?

The answer is NO!


Over the years, brides have become increasingly aware of how and which beauty products they should and shouldn’t be using. Moreover, many brides are seen switching to more natural and ayurvedic beauty products, ensuring perfect health and nourishment.


If this is what you seek as well, Kimayra is the perfect pick for you! 

Kimayra is the unique combination of modern and Ayurveda age. Kimayra helps you maintain balance and takes you back to nature. It started with the simple thought to bring out the powerhouse of nature’s elements, to help heal and beautify. Something which is apt for the modern-day bride! This brand enables customers to get access to high-quality products for a deep-rooted earthy experience. Sans any adulteration, every extract and every ingredient is 100% natural.


The main aim of Kimayra is to bring nature’s ancient secrets to modern customers. Essential oils at Kimayra adhere to the highest standards of purity, authenticity, and quality.


Here are some products you can consider if you are looking out for something natural and effective:


1.Jojoba Oil






Are you struggling with hair and skin problems?

Are you worried they might ruin your D-day pictures?

Packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, this oil is a  one-stop solution for all your problems. This oil has absorption properties, is deeply moisturizing, and a powerhouse of nutrients. 

Moreover, it can be used as a makeup-remover, strengthen nails, and can be used for hair and body massages as well.


2. Rose Water




Amidst the hullabaloo of wedding preparations, all you need is something that restores freshness and coolness. This Rosewater helps make your skin radiant while leaving a scintillating scent. 

It is considered as a natural astringent and helps restore the skin’s PH level. You can use this rosewater mist to refresh yourself at any time of the day!


3. Spearmint Essential Oil



Spearmint or green mint is an essential oil widely known for its antiseptic, antifungal, cosmetic, stress-relieving, and herbal properties. 

It helps in protecting wounds, menstrual discomfort, and coping up with breathing issues.


4. Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil







Bulgarian Lavender Essential oil is cooling, relaxing, and has uplifting effects. If you are looking out for something which will help you beat acne, skin problems, and provide immune support, then this is definitely your go-to product.


5. Spearmint Bath Salt



A way of making an ordinary bath extraordinary is by adding this relaxing and fragrant and bath salt. This pure and handmade soap helps revitalize your skin, calm your senses, and helps you get an unmatched bathing experience.


6. Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil



This extremely versatile oil can help nourish the skin and oil. It has the capacity of making the skin feel smooth and supple. It gives your hair a wonderful conditioning treatment. If you have a dry and sensitive scalp, this product is a must-have!


Ready to rock your healthy and nourished skin and tresses?

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