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6 Things to Know About Contraceptives Before You Get Married
Ignorance isn't always bliss. Let’s focus on something serious - contraceptives - something that some women should know about and yet something that most women shy away from talking about. When...
Jan. 15, 2020
5 Tips for Singles Attending an Indian Wedding
A wedding can be a difficult occasion for a single. Watching someone settle down while you are still trying to figure out what to eat for lunch - ugh. But don’t worry for there is no need to thro...
Dec. 20, 2019
6 Tips to Spice Up Your Relationship
“I have something in mind. Be ready tonight!” Imagine getting this text from your significant other! We’re sure you’ll feel jittery and wouldn’t be able to contain your excitement. Every relations...
Dec. 16, 2019
6 Cool Ways To Cut Wedding Costs - Without Looking Cheap!
Weddings are expensive, there’s no denying that. Especially when it’s an Indian wedding – what with the Sabyasachi lehenga, polki jewellery and that fancy venue. Oh and the 2735 guests including S...
Aug. 17, 2017
WedCraze – The Only Wedding Planning App You’ll Ever Need
So you’ve found your better half, finalised your wedding date, booked your venue and invited all your guests. Now what? How are you going to co-ordinate every piece of info, update and detail to t...
July 14, 2017
Auspicious Hindu Marriage Dates for 2017, 2018
What are Saya Dates or Vivah Muhurat Dates? Vivah Mahurat or Saya Date is decided by considering various factors. The birth chart or janam kundali of the bride and the groom, the panchang or the Hi...
July 5, 2017
6 Important Questions To Ask Before Booking Your Wedding Venue
We know that you are super-excited about every little detail of your wedding ad we’re here to add to it. The first thing that you must have selected is the wedding date and the very next thing wou...
June 21, 2017
6 Romantic Restaurants In Mumbai That You Must Visit Before The Wedding Day! #DateNights #MumbaiDiaries
Gallops Gallops is a lovely, quaint restaurant that’s known for its old-world charm. You walk in and feel like you’ve entered some fairy-tale, vintage world. The food here is simply the best on th...
June 17, 2017
10 Types of Men You Should Say No To! #ArrangedMarriage
So you just attended your younger cousin’s wedding. You must have already started getting threats from your relatives, “26 ki hogayi hai… Shadi nai karni kya?” and your existence is probably being...
May 30, 2017
An Open-Letter To My Future Husband - This Is How I Will Love You
Dear Future Husband Isn’t it weird that I am writing this to you a few days before we start our happily-ever-after? But since you’re marrying me, I am sure you are already aware of my eccentricitie...
May 26, 2017
10 Foods You Must Avoid Before The Wedding. #LehengaWorthyWaist #SayNoToBloating
1. Any Beans No surprise here, everyone knows that beans cause gas and bloating. So avoid that plate of rajma chawal and go for lean proteins like chicken or fish.   2. Milk or any Dairy Products ...
May 22, 2017
10+ Adorably Relatable Comics That Capture The Little Things About Love
SERIES 1 Bangkok based artist Tuna Dunn illustrated a series of cute comics that show what it is like to be in love. Over-the-top cheesiness that everyone in a loving relationship can’t help but f...
May 19, 2017

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