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Wedding Invites Suggestions For You

20 Fun Wedding Invitation Card Designs for Cool Couples
Remember those days when every wedding card depicted the same old typical format and design? And the only thing that was different about each wedding invitation card were the names of the bride an...
Aug. 31, 2020
9 Cool & Quirky #resavethedate Invites we’ve Seen in Recent Times!
The ‘save the date’ of the pre-pandemic world has been pushed out and now been replaced with ‘resave the date’ As much as this may seem like another cool trend, the bitter truth is that for couples...
June 29, 2020
9 Wedding Invitation Ideas in Vogue for the Upcoming Wedding Season
Why is a wedding invite so important if it’s just a letter or a card asking you to come over? Well, it’s the first glimpse of the wedding, it tells about the couple, their interests and how royal ...
May 23, 2020
9 Creative Wedding Invite Ideas
One of the primary steps of a wedding journey is to send out invites to your loved ones. The nature of the invite has undergone changes over the years as well. From email invites to WhatsApp card...
April 10, 2020
Top 10 Wedding Invitation Ideas To Woo Your Guests
Sweet and sentimental invitations have been the standard for all weddings since time immemorial. But why not add a personal touch or get creative with your invites? It is your day after all.   Whe...
Sept. 3, 2019
12 Fun & Naughty Games For An Unforgettable Bachelorette Night
All you maids of honour out there, are as important as the wedding day is, the bachelorette most definitely takes the number 2 spot on the wedding festivities list. That last night/week of singleho...
Sept. 3, 2019
7 Cool Ways To Have An Eco-Friendly Indian Wedding
Wedding Invitations SO much paper is wasted with every wedding invitation which is useless once the wedding is over. Now that it is 2017, let’s go with E-invites over the numerous online handles t...
July 28, 2017
The Ultimate Wedding Checklist Every Indian Bride Needs To Follow!
6 MONTHS TO GO Start planning at least 6 months earlier as a wedding is no easy feat!   Planning: 1. Choose a season and finalize wedding date! 2. Discuss the wedding budget and settle on an appr...
March 22, 2017
10 Super-Creative Wedding Invite Ideas You Need To Check Out!
Ever wanted to be on the front page?   Boardgame wedding invites are so much fun!   A perfect match 😉   Credit card on love, maybe?   Boarding passes! Perfect for a destination wedding.   Rem...
March 14, 2017
Halloween Special: How To Plan the Most Perfect Gothic Wedding Ever!
Halloween is just around the corner, and we in India may not be as psyched about it as everyone abroad but it does its own interesting charm to us too. But while we play dress up and throw Hallowe...
Oct. 24, 2016
Ex-Minister Janardhan Reddy Took Wedding Invites To The Next Level & We Were Stumped!
Let’s face it. As the new BFF of every bride and bide-to-be, we come across hundreds of inspirational things everyday! From wedding decor to mehendi designs – we see it all and bring it all to you!...
Oct. 20, 2016
Colour-Blocked Wedding Theme Ideas and Inspiration to Rock at Your Vibrant Wedding!
Colours and Indian weddings go hand in hand. Our shaadis are just known for all their colour, their vibrancy and the brilliant pomp and splendour that they are celebrated with it. And while colour...
Oct. 15, 2016

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