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Things to keep in mind during your first bridal fitting!

Things to keep in mind during your first bridal fitting!


Congratulations on finally zeroing in your wedding outfit! Now that you know what you are wearing for your big day, you need to know that your lehenga might not be ready to wear, i.e., you will still need to go for a final round of fitting. While you struggle to contain your excitement, there are a few things you need to consider when going for your bridal fitting.


Before we start, here are a few things that you must carry to your first bridal fitting –


a. Your D-day lingerie

b. Your bridal footwear – be it stilettos, wedges or flats or juttis or the new-age sneakers. Taking your shoes along gives you a fair idea of how you will hold up and manage the weight of the lehenga or if the heels are high enough.

c. Bridal accessories – this is a good time to get a reality check if your jewelry matches or if you need more or less.  


Your first bridal fitting


1. Wear the same lingerie or shapewear you plan to wear on your  wedding day

Image Source: Fine Art Wedding Photography


Lingerie or shapewear is important because then you know whether your blouse sits well on a lacy bra, or an underwire bra or a padded one. Ideally, you can get your blouse made with cups attached.


2. Try your shoes on with your wedding lehenga

Image Source: Kirandeep Photography


On your big day, your legs are going to do all the heavy work as you will be standing and then sitting for long hours. Surely, you don’t want your lehenga to sweep the floor and you don’t want it to be short either. Also, your shoes need to be comfortable and stable.

You will need your bridal footwear at your first bridal fitting to finalize the length of your wedding lehenga.


3. Don’t wear heavy makeup on your first bridal fitting


This is a tricky one! While it’s a great idea to wear makeup for your bridal fitting so that you may see what look goes best, there can be mishaps, i.e. you could stain your lehenga or dupatta with your lipstick. And sometimes, these stains are permanent. So its best to avoid any heavy makeup.


4. Check if you lehenga stays up without latkans

Image source: Confetti films


The dori, latkan, and the hook – these three serve different purposes. The dori should only be used to tighten your lehenga while the hooks help the lehenga stay upright. The latkans should be comfortable and not serve as a hassle. If your lehenga slips down even with the dori, then get it altered.


5. Try the comfort sitting

Image Source: The Wedding Salad


When it comes to Indian weddings, the couple is expected to be flexible to bend to receive blessings, or sit on a sofa or maybe the floor depending on rituals. So when you try out your bridal outfit, walk around in it as well as sit to know if you are comfortable.


6. Take numerous photos

Image Source: Kashika Kapoor


Take photos of yourself in your bridal lehenga, with your accessories on to help piece your wedding look as to where should your latkans be or how to drape your dupatta and the rest.


7. Try the wedding veil/dupatta


Planning to wear a ‘Ghunghat?’

Wear the hair accessories, place the dupatta on your head and see if it is comfortable or heavy. If you feel that the dupatta is weighing your down then try on a lighter option.


8. Do not go for your fitting right before or during your periods


This is important and while you know you will try your best, and not let anything to go wrong.

Let’s say this, our bodies bloat while we are PMSing and during periods. If you try on your wedding outfits during your periods, chances are that your size will vary when you are off your periods. Also, not to forget the possibility of staining your wedding outfit.

So, go well-prepared.


Image Source: Pinterest (Unless specified)


Don’t forget to enjoy this process, try on your outfits, trust your designer, and don’t forget to take your best friend or sister along for the fitting trials.

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