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This groom has won our hearts in this latest The Wedding Filmer Video! #WzExclusive

This groom has won our hearts in this latest The Wedding Filmer Video! #WzExclusive

A lot has been said about love and about ‘the one’. Greek philosophers never hesitated to teach you about the way you should feel in the presence of your true love. But does their saying hold true for each and everyone? I certainly don’t think so! I came across a gentleman, an extremely sweet and romantic man, who sat down and narrated his story. His story about how he found his lady love and how she swept the ground from underneath his feet!


Let me introduce y’all to Rohan and Radhika, two cuties who are much in love even after completing almost a year of being married! Rohan and Radhika were set up on a blind date by their mutual family friend. Rohan never thought he would pursue this lady in a romantic manner. What we think will happen, never actually happens that way, does it? Their lunch lasted into the wee hours of the evening and finally, they were shown the door, for the restaurant was shutting! The restaurant pulled the shutter but their long talks never seemed to halt. A few weeks later, Radhika left for Dubai to celebrate her birthday where she was joined by Rohan. Dubai is where all the magic began!


Day 2 of their trip is when Rohan realised he had found his rare pearl. He went to the washroom, looked into the mirror and said, “Dude, you know she is the one!” There was no looking back since. He planned an elaborate proposal for Radhika that made him an apple of the eye for everyone in my team!



Once Rohan knew Radhika is his forever teammate, he left no stone unturned to make her feel utmost special. He firmly believes in making his lady love feel like she is on top of the world. He wanted to make the beginning of their lives memorable and decided to propose to her in a grand manner.

Boyfriends and boyfriends aspiring to become husbands, please start taking notes. Rohan planned a grand proposal that would put Disney to shame. Oh, did I mention that he planned this event while he was in Singapore for something to happen in London?!

Over a span of two months he religiously planned everything: A flash-mob that was followed by a surprise proposal. Let the video below do all the talking!


Ladies, feel free to rebuke the men in your life who didn’t even do 1/4th of this! Men, learn from Rohan!!


Wait, if you think this is the sweetest thing that he has done, let me tell you about the time he sang a song for his wife. Yes. Sang. The perfect rendition of a song, by the singing groom! No, I am not crying, you are crying!! Rohan was not alone this. A dedicated and hard working team helped him to achieve this feat. Rohan hopped on the bandwagon with The Wedding Filmer to create a unique video for his lady love.

Vishali Punjabi, the founder of TWF, had nothing but kind words for Rohan. He said and I quote, Rohan’s goal was simple. Team-mate, the word he used to describe Radhika, struck a chord because according to me, that’s what your partner should be. There was no way Rohan’s  wedding video wasn’t going to be special. He changed for her, he worked hard for her and he danced for her (he practiced his steps in front of his bathroom mirror in the office). He did all this with conviction and in the process taught me that the key ingredient to making life special is doing everything with complete conviction.”


I completely  agree with Vishal! You will too once you see the cute ass video!




Didn’t I tell you, this man is a gem of a person?!

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