10 adorable kaleera drop moments that will make you want to be next in line!

10 adorable kaleera drop moments that will make you want to be next in line!


For a North-Indian bride, kaleeras are certainly not just a piece of jewellery, it is much much more. It is more than just a tradition or a custom-it is emotions and feelings!


The bride-to-be drops a part of her kaleeras on a bridesmaid or any younger sibling in the family who she wants should tie the knot next. Certainly an exciting job for the to-be-bride but maybe not for the bridesmaid who isn’t set to get hitched next (wink wink).


Here are some cute, some funny and some adorable kaleera drop pictures that will melt your heart:


1.When the bridesmaid is super excited and shocked at the same time!


Image source: Dot Dusk Studios


2. This one is particularly cute with a tiny and adorable bridesmaid!


Image source: Shot with Meraki


3. When a boy replaces a bridesmaid, its double the fun!!


Image source: Pics surely


4. This bridesmaid is the cuuuutest as she is all blushes and smiles! Looks like she’s eager to tie the knot next!!!


Image source: Mehar photography


5. A beautiful moment between the bride and bridesmaid! We are loooving it!


Image source: Delhi Velvet


6. This simple one is gorgeous in its own way


Image source: Design Aqua


7. Everyone wants to marry next here


Image source: The Dark room India


8. Whaaaat? Me ? No way!! Looks like the bridesmaids is in two minds about getting hitched next.


Image source: Beginnings for you


9. All smiles!!!


Image source: Briography

10. Looks like this bridesmaid is eager to be a dulhan soon!



So, are you in line to get married next?

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