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20 Most Trending Couple Dance Songs For A Groovy Sangeet Ceremony
Image Source: Dipak Studios One of the most sought-after performances at an Indian wedding is that of the bride and the groom. But choosing the perfect marriage song and a choreographer who can...
Sept. 13, 2022
10 Brides Who Stole Our Hearts by Including their Doggos in their Wedding!
Image Source: Recall Pictures If you are someone who is often tagged mostly in dog videos and posts, and your photo gallery is filled with your furry friend’s pictures, and every activity lined...
Aug. 20, 2022
10 Bride-and-Brother Moments Which Prove That Brothers Are Equally Good Bridesmaids!
Image Source: White Sage Weddings  A savior, a best friend, an irritating nerd, or a partner in crime; for a sister, brothers are nothing less than a beautiful blessing of God. I mean, sure the...
Aug. 9, 2022
Raksha Bandhan Special: A Brother Pours Out His Heart in this Wedding Video!
A brother-sister relationship is one that can’t compare to any other. From quarreling about eating the last piece of chocolate cake to World War III-level fights over the TV remote, these disagreem...
Aug. 1, 2022
40 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas 2022 in a Budget That You Fall in Love With!
Image Source: Alina Anikieva Photography  Love at first sight? College sweethearts? Mutual friends played the matchmaker? Have you met through a dating app or matrimonial website? Your com...
July 26, 2022
A beer themed honeymoon in a beer themed hotel? Hell yes!
Beer lovers unite!! All my fellow beer connoisseurs, I have some exciting news to share with y’all! There is a beer-themed hotel inside a taproom in Ohio! The DogHouse Hotel in Colombus, Ohio is t...
July 20, 2022
Latest Lehenga Photos | 2022 Bridal Lehenga Images  from Real Weddings
Image Source: Dipak Studios Simple were those days when the only colors you can pick for your bridal lehenga were - Red, official-wedding-color Red, and I-am-your-only-choice Red. Thank God, it...
July 16, 2022
25+ Coolest Photo Booth Ideas for Indian Weddings 2022!
Say Cheese, my peeps! There is something truly amusing about grabbing the photo props and jumping in front of the camera with your friends – and that’s why Photo Booth stations are an instant hit ...
July 15, 2022
7 Rakshabandhan Gift Ideas for your Beloved Sister
“She used to pull my hair, refused to take me out with her friends, ate my share of mithai on every occasion and gave her everyday share of milk to me, never let me enter her room, fought for the ...
July 14, 2022
Abhishek and Deepika’s Big Fat Indian Wedding - When Love Comes Knocking!
3rd February 2021 marked the date of the union of two souls to walk on the path of love forever. Abhishek and Deepika made a decision to share their lives after contemplating a lot of things, howe...
Oct. 9, 2021
No wedding is complete without the perfect wedding photographs. No matter how your wedding day will turn out to be, one thing that we all look forward to being perfect is the wedding pictures,...
Sept. 18, 2021
Hannah and Shahrukh tied the knot in a Muslim Wedding Ceremony - #HansUpForSRK
One of the most dreamy wedding ceremonies that we have ever seen is of this blogger bride - Hanna Khan (@hannaskhan ) that we are featuring today. This isn’t just a wedding story, it indeed is a b...
Aug. 28, 2021