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10 Mouthwatering Indian Desserts Beyond Ladoos

10 Mouthwatering Indian Desserts Beyond Ladoos

One of the best things about being born in India is the various desserts you can stuff your mouth with. We can make a dessert out of anything! I mean, who else can turn the humble bottle gourd into kheer and halwa? You might be a health freak but you can hardly say no when a hot plate of jalebis or malpuas make their way to you. Cakes and doughnuts don’t stand a chance in front of our gulab-jamuns and rasgullas!


29 States, 7 union territories but thousands of Indian desserts. How does one choose?! Easy, you just keep an only desserts buffet. Just kidding! I understand that finalising the food menu can be a nerve wracking task. Being the sweetu I am, I am here to help you curate a dessert menu. And no, ladoos and barfis don’t make an appearance here!


1. Gilori



Gilori or balai ki gilori is a mouthwatering delicacy from Lucknow. Sweet mishri is covered in paper thin malai. You can taste hints of rose water and kewra with each and every bite. You can trace the origins of gilori back to the 1800s when tobacco and paan were banned in Lucknow. Balai ki gilori was invented as a substitute and is often referred to as malai paan. It truly is a melt-in-mouth dessert!


2. Singhar ji Mithai



When I say ‘sev’ what comes to your mind? Aloo sev? Bhujiya sev? What about sev ki mithai? Yep, it exists! Sindhis always manage to make the best out of everything- then why would they let go of an ordinary item like sev? They just added some khoya, sugar, dry fruits and voila! Your singhar ji mithai is ready!


3. Balehannu Rasayana


Image source: Veg Recipes of Karnataka


Think over ripe bananas are useless? Think again! You can make banana muffins, banana breads and banana rasayana or balehannu rasayana as they call it in Karnataka! A divine combination of over ripe bananas, milk, jaggery and coconut, it is simply irresistible!


4. Patishapta



Hailing from the land of sweet people, Patishapta is the Bengali boy who went to France and evolved as a crepe! Jokes apart, Patishpata is one of the softest and tastiest desserts ever! It is filled with kheer or coconut and jaggery. I know, my mouth is salivating too!


5. Shufta


Image source: Maps of India


Shufta is a traditional Kashmiri dessert made by caramelising dry fruits and paneer. Unique combination, isn’t it? This heavenly dessert is garnished with dried petals and will make you say “ahh!” with every bite!


6. Makhan Malai



Come winters and the famous makhan malai starts selling like hot cakes in North India’s lanes. Originating from Lucknow, makhan malai has now become quite famous all over the country. This delicacy is made only after midnight and during the months of winter. Don’t you think makhan malai deserves a spot in your winter wedding food menu?


7. Pitha


Image source: Archana’s Kitchen


Our sister from the north east, Assam has introduced us to Pith, a thin pancake stuffed with sweet coconut paste or sweet black or white sesame seed paste. Dip it in condensed milk and mmmhhh!


8. Apple Kheer



Move over apple pie, our desi apple kheer is here to take over! A simple milk based dish, the flavoursome apple kheer is often garnished with saffron and pistachios.


9. Ghevar



One of the most famous Rajasthani desserts, the ghevar is often associated with celebrations and festivals. It is high on ghee and soaked in chashni. The porous texture makes it stand apart!


10. Malai Khaja


Image source: Recipefy


Malai khaja is a crispy, flaky dessert stuffed with mawa and dry fruits. The stuffed pastry is then doused in sugar syrup to give it a much needed sweet kick.


Woh shaadi hi kaisi jismein Indian desserts naa ho?


Image source Pinterest unless specified.

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