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10 Things you must strike off your bucket list before tying the knot!

10 Things you must strike off your bucket list before tying the knot!


The clock is ticking and you are getting closer to becoming a “married woman”. Amidst finalizing your wedding lehenga, the wedding decor, the photographer, and many more, there are some “single-girl-to-do” things that you might want to accomplish before you walk down the aisle and say “I do!”


While your “Before I get married” list may vary, here are a few things you might want to consider.


1. Travel with your girl friends



Nothing like you won’t travel with your BFFs post marriage, but let’s say it out that you will get awfully busy post marriage which will keep you from a girls-only getaway.

So, book your tickets, pack your bags and get going!


2. Travel alone



Once you get married, everything you do is together! So, this is your only chance to satisfy your wanderlust.

On the other side, traveling alone is liberating and one of the most enriching experiences. It will bring you closer to yourself and help you see your profused facets.


3. Face your fears



Now is the time to do something unusual, something that you would never opt for with your sober mind.

Get ready and face your fears – go for skydiving, pet a lion, scuba dive, or paragliding. After all getting married should be the second last on your goth list.


4. Go on a first date and fall in love all over again



Believe in the magic of loving someone again as if it was your first time falling in love. Love again for the first. So, go out for a date with your fance’ as if it was your first one, and fall in love all over again.

It is a unique, dizzy and overwhelming experience and you must feel it.


5. Learn to cook



Your relatives might say, “learn to cook before you get married” and you should not for them but in case you want to make your husband feel special and cook something for him, you must have at least 3 go-to recipes.


6. Learn the art of homemaking



Your house is a reflection of your class and personality. Neat and clean interiors, subtle and concept decor will mark your homemaking skills. While you culinary skills will add up to your forte as a woman. Learn them all, it all come handy at times.


7. Travel with your future husband



It is rightly said “If you really want to know someone, travel along.”

Everyone can get along well on a weekend but can you stand each other for a whole week? With the daily routine, traveling dilemma and a lot more.

So, plan a vacation together before you take your wedding  vows.


8. Live in with your future husband



If you are old-school yo might not like this idea but a test drive is always a good idea before buying the car. It is a great experience as you learn a lot of things like managing room, finances, food, etc. It’s a joy ride! 😉


9. Get fit



Image Source: Tenor

Not only it is healthy but you will be able to flaunt your washboard tummy.


10. Indulge yourself


Image Source: Tenor

You might not get as much time again to indulge yourself into something that you love to do. So, get a hobby!


Image Source: Pinterest (Unless specified)


So, what else you would like to add to your “Before I get married” bucket list?

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