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10 Things you need to do the night before your Sangeet to minimize your stress!

10 Things you need to do the night before your Sangeet to minimize your stress!


We may diss Bollywood time to time but we need to thank it for magnifying the sangeet function and making it a big part of the wedding celebrations. I think, everyone agrees with me when I say that a wedding is incomplete without the sangeet! It is the most important function, after all! Unfortunately stress is synonymous with wedding functions. In order to minimize your stress, we’ve made a list of things to do a night before the sangeet night. Check this list off and you are all set!


1. Backup



Make a backup pendrive or CD of all the songs (in the right sequence!) Last minute mishaps are very common, especially the problem with CDs and pendrive. You can easily cross this hurdle by presenting them a backup option!


2. Cousin Watch


Image source: Artfoto Studios


You need to make sure that your cousins are not getting wasted in a corner but practising their dance moves! Shaadi is the best excuse for cousins to get drunk in front of their parents. You don’t want them to turn up hungover with baggy, swollen eyes! Keep an eye on them and make sure they have perfected their dance! After all, you don’t want the other side to be better, do you?


3. Practise Your Moves


Image source: Shutterdown by Lakshya Chawla


Don’t forget to practise your own dance while you are keeping an eye on your cousins! You don’t want to forget your steps cause you were busy doing other things than practising!


4. Heels and Outfit


Image source: Anoop Photography


I suggest you practise in your heels and a heavy outfit, but not the sangeet one. You’ll get an idea of how constricted your moves become when you are donned in a heavy lehenga, jewellery and heels! If you are not comfortable, ditch the heels during the dance. Let’s not hurt yours and other people’s feet!


5. Lay them out


Image source: Shutterdown by Lakshya Chawla


Steam press your outfit a night before and lay them out carefully. The next day will get over in a jiffy and you’ll be running around by the time evening rolls in..


6. Emergency Pouch


Image source: Little Big Weddings


Make an emergency pouch of extra makeup, safety pins, bobby pins, bandages, Soframycin and cotton wool well in advance. Someone will need it, if not you!


7. Coordinate


Image source: Native Tribe Studios


Coordinate with the choreographers, DJ, decor person and all those people who will help to make your sangeet a successful event. Remind them to arrive on time and all the line of duties that they are supposed to perform.


8. Heel Pads


Keep a pair of heel pads at bay. They will minimise your pain and dancing will become comfortable!


9.  Props


Image source: George Seemon Photography


Like a wedding is incomplete without a sangeet, a sangeet is incomplete without the photo props! Keep your photo booth props in a separate bag and make sure none of them get damaged!


10. Relax


Image source: The Cheesecake Project


Sip on some chai and chill! Take a deep breathe and let all those worries out!

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