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12 Tips on How To Have The Perfect Pre-Wedding Shoot!

12 Tips on How To Have The Perfect Pre-Wedding Shoot!

Even before you tie the knot, it’s almost customary these days to awe your audience with an adorable pre-wedding shoot! After all, it is the stepping stone towards the big day and nothing like a few sneak peeks into the couple’s chemistry before they officially unite. Everyone wants a gorgeous photo shoot and we will tell you how to get that perfect pre-wedding shoot.

Choose A Photographer That Matches Your Style

Go through the work of your shortlisted photographers extensively and their style of photography will help you decide on one. If their photographs look like something that matches your personality and chemistry as a couple, chances are that you have found your photographer! From traditional to quirky and fun ones – pre-wedding shoots can be of many types and it’s essential that you choose a photographer who is comfortable with the genre of your choice.

Meet Your Photographer

This is THE most important thing to do before your pre-wedding shoot. Meeting your photographer helps in a huge way. For the perfect pre-wedding shoot, it’s essential that you be comfortable with your photographer and to achieve this, you have to meet them a few times before the day of the shoot. Through these meetings, they also get to know you as a couple and this helps them capture your chemistry on film!

Tell Them Your Story  

Again, telling them your story (even the bits you are too embarrassed to share with family) helps them to know you better. This in turn helps them suggest the best ideas for you and what will work for you as a couple. They can also weave your story into the photo shoot with props and other elements or by re-creating fond memories.

Tell Them Your Story  

Choose The Same Photographer for Pre-Wedding & Wedding

This is yet another thing that the photographers insist on and is a must-do! For the perfect pre-wedding shoot, you will be spending a good chunk of your time with the photographers and breaking the ice with them. Once they have a comfortable rapport with you, your pictures will tell a different story altogether. When you put in so much effort in getting to know each other, it’s best to stick to the same photographer for your D-Day. After all, they know you and your story and they can capture your special day better than someone finalized at the last moment. Also, this gives your photographer the opportunity of weaving a theme or story into these photo shoots.

Communicate With Your Photographer

You will chose your photographer after a lot of searching and looking, so it’s best to communicate openly with them. If you have something specific in mind, let them know. Also, if you are not comfortable with certain things, the photos will reflect the awkwardness and that can never be good!

Discuss Locations & Time with Photographer

Unless you want street photography for your pre-wedding shoot, you should head to a place that allows your photographer to shoot images without being disturbed. Depending on your story or theme, your photographer can suggest good places for your pre-wedding shoot and it’s crucial that you agree on a place mutually. Most photographers also have specific time on their mind for photo shoots, depending on the light and it’s important that you adhere to it.

Discuss Locations & Time with Photographer

Decide On The Costume Changes With Your Photographer

Your photographer will be able to tell you which colours and shapes would look good on camera so it’s always good take their inputs on your costumes for the pre-wedding shoot. Photographers suggest at least 2-3 costume changes to bring in a little bit of diversity.

Relax & Have A Good Time

We cannot stress enough on this one! What you feel is what your photographs reflect and you have to be well-rested and relaxed on the day of the shoot for the perfect shots. Avoid adventurous photo shoots as it can tire you out easily and keep your energy level high for the perfect pre-wedding shoot!

Props – For Building the Story

Whether you want to re-create your first date or weave in a theme into the pre-wedding shoot – props can always help! Having different props can help you set a theme or background for the pre-wedding shoot and although it’s not mandatory, it can always help!

Props - For Building the Story

Keep Those Phones Switched Off

Your pre-wedding is all about the two of you and it’s best that you keep things that way. Typically pre-wedding shoots take up 3 – 4 hours and if you spend the precious time scrolling through your newsfeed, you may just miss the right light. Give your undivided attention to the photographer and what he/she needs and you will end up with the perfect photoshoot!

Professional Makeup Artist & Stylist Always Help  

Having a professional makeup artist and stylist for your pre-wedding shoot is always a good idea. From doing the makeup just right as per the time of the day to doing touch-ups after costume changes – everything is taken care of which makes things so much simpler!

Trust Your Photographer

Last but definitely not the least! Unless you share a comfortable rapport with your photographer and trust him/her, it’s almost impossible to get the perfect pre-wedding shoot. Like we said, communication is the key, and telling your photographer what you want is always good. However, they have done this tonnes of time and they know what works for each couple. Go with the flow, trust your photographers and their vision and you should have the perfect pre-wedding shoot!

Trust Your Photographer

With inputs from: Anuraag Rathi

Images Credit: Anuraag Rathi

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