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20 Things You Need to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

20 Things You Need to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

So, you just got engaged? Congratulations. You’ve probably heard this waffle one or twenty times already: Wedding photos create memories you’ll treasure for a lifetime. So, needless to say, you are now probably looking for the right photographer. There’s plenty of jibber-jabber online about the ways to go about it; of course, most of it is pretty good (unless you are smitten by the know-it-all bug).  

Wedding Photographers definitely bring more to the table than you think! They are just like magicians taking your wedding day by storm with their special skills, right out of that fancy movie you last saw with jaws dropped.  Let’s get started by talking about a few things you should ask before hiring an Indian Wedding Photographer.


20 Things You Need to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Photo By: Manan Photography

1)  Do you have a date calendar ready for all your wedding assignments?  This question might seem strange at first but helps give your photographer some time to plan and put everything together meticulously.

2)  How long have you been in the business? Their experience behind the lens matters a lot and helps you determine whether they are the best in the business and worth every penny you spend.

3)  How many weddings have you shot and can I have a look at a few weddings you have covered? The answer should help you judge their quality of work and get an idea whether their previous clicks are anything close to what you want.


20 Things You Need to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Photo Courtesy: Talking Pictures by Hitesh

4) Have you worked at the same wedding venue previously? If they have, then that’s an added advantage as your wedding photographer is already familiar with the entire setting. So, he can make sure that the lighting or any other issue doesn’t crop up and act as a spoiler.

5)  What kind of working style do you prefer? This question helps you determine whether the photographer is someone who is spontaneous and open to improvisations or whether he/she is more rigid in their approach.

6)  What is it that distinguishes your work from the other photographers? Every photographer, no matter how good or bad, has something unique that makes their work stand out from the others. It could be anything from their style, pictures, packages offered – everything that distinguishes one photographer from the other.


20 Things You Need to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Photo By: Robin Saini

 7)  Do you offer a pre-wedding shoot? One of the advantages of pre-wedding shoots is that it allows you to form a rapport with the photographer before your wedding day and allows him/her to understand your choices better. It also lets you grab quick fun moments with your partner.

8)  What are the packages that you offer? Since a lot goes into planning each and every aspect of a wedding, you have to make sure that it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. Usually, different photographers offer different packages and some even customize packages according to your needs.

9) May I have a list of references? You should be sure about everything remotely related to your previously shot. This allows you to interact with those couples, get an idea of the photographer’s work ethics, his behavior, etc.

10)  Do you have a portfolio I can go through? Flipping through those pages of his portfolio will definitely give you an idea of how reputed he is, how good his work is and if you should book him right away or take your time.

20 Things You Need to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Photo By: Dipak Studios

11)  Will you be doing other weddings on the same day? You obviously want the wedding photographer to just focus on your wedding on that particular day. You don’t want him to rush through the whole wedding just because he has multiple events to cover elsewhere. Make sure that the photographer is exclusively covering your wedding that day.

12)  What time will you arrive at the venue and for how long will you shoot? You will not like it if your photographer is the reason behind any delay caused at your wedding. So, on the safer side, it is better you confirm the timings in advance and also the estimated hours he will be shooting for.

13)  How many photos do we get? Yes, photographers don’t come prepared with an estimate number of pictures they would click.  They make sure that of all the pictures clicked, you are given the best ones. Make sure you focus more on quality over quantity. Having a bunch of well-shot pictures is always better than having tons of blurry ones.

14)  If the wedding functions last longer, will you stay or will there be any additional charge? With so many rituals and functions to attend to, the wedding might get stretched for a bit longer than expected. Hence, it is necessary to ask the photographer if they can extend the time frame and what are the charges that would be applicable.

15)  Will you be the only one shooting our wedding? Or will you have an assistant? Many Indian weddings almost make you feel like you’ve just come out of a Karan Johar movie. There is so much tamasha, naach-gaana with the whole family involved. To capture such moments, you will definitely need more than one photographer. If you get a choice for an assistant, make sure you meet him/ her before the wedding day.


20 Things You Need to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Photo By: Manan Photography

16)  What kind of equipment do you need? The answer helps you modify your venue set-up accordingly.  If you plan your wedding at a small location, any photography instrument might take up space. So, make sure that the photographer gets a glimpse of the venue well in advance so that the equipment is arranged as per requirements.

17)  Do you provide a written agreement that explains the pricing and other terms and conditions?  While cracking a deal, even if it’s a wedding photography, it’s crucial to have everything documented. Make sure you read the dotted lines carefully before signing the agreement.

18)  What is the cancellation or refund policy? A family emergency or change of plans can force you to reschedule your wedding. For such unforeseen circumstances, it is ideal that you enquire about the cancellation and refund policies well in advance.

19)  Do you provide retouching, color adjustments and other services? Since editing is a time consuming job, not every photographer provides that service.  So, if you need that service, then you need to confirm in advance to save yourself any inconvenience.

20)  How will your final set of wedding photographs be presented? Usually when the photographer offers different packages, they are usually inclusive of an album. But just confirm it with them and be sure.

Don’t you want to be captured by the best photographer, who makes you look just like the stunning Alia Bhatt from 2 States or the gorgeous Kalki from Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani! Maybe this sounds a bit too ambitious, but at least you will land up looking a better version of yourself. However, avoid the temptation to relinquish all control over how you want your pictures to look. If you’ve managed to find a photographer who is still not showing signs of killing you after this barrage of questions, pat yourself on the back! You have found your champ! After the memorable sangeet frenzy and chaotic family moments are over, you will surely find a corner in your house to open that wedding album and enjoy a quick smile in private.


20 Things You Need to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Photo: Alia Bhatt Still from the movie “Two States

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