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5 Ayurvedic Products to Add to your Pre-Wedding Beauty Regime

Almost every bride-to-be desires to flaunt flawless skin and hair on her special occasion.  Most millennial brides fret and get sleepless nights over not having long luscious tresses or having a breakout a night before her D-day! 

What if I were to inform you about a not-so-secret brand that has a range of hair, skin, and wellness products that can make your desire turn into reality? Sounds too good to be true? Well, if this is what you are scouting for, Amrutam is the ideal pick for you. 

This brand started with the ideology of, “Health is Beauty”, and sticks to this mantra even today. The products at Amrutam are developed by modifying the ancient wisdom in Vedas and Ayurvedic Principles to suit the needs of modern lifestyle. 

With products that comprise of super-effective therapeutic properties, a product by Amrutam is not merely a bottle or jar of handpicked ingredients, it is not just a product, but in fact a secret to health and beauty for every bride-to-be, to cherish and use. 

Keeping this in mind, I bring to you some of the best haircare and skincare products by Amrutam, that you can add to your pre-wedding beauty regime.

Kuntal Care Hair Spa with Hemp

This special edition by Amrutam has the goodness of some super-effective ingredients like Hemp, Brahmi, Shankhpushi and Balchhad, the most important one being Hemp. 

Hemp helps in regulating the sleep cycle. It also adds a natural shine to your hair, something that every to-be-bride yearns for. In addition to these benefits, it aids in strengthening the hair and prevents dandruff, itchiness, and dryness. 

How to use: Take it directly from the bottle into your hands or else pour some into a bowl. Take a small amount and massage your hair with it, leaving it on until the hair dries up. Rinse well. 

Herbal Ubtan

As to-be-brides, many of y’all must be having your moms urging you to apply Ubtan on your face every morning. This Ubtan is just as pure and effective for your bridal glow.

It is made following a Vedic recipe for beautification and protection of the skin, improves your complexion, and protects your skin from acne. 

How to use: Mix some powder into your hand (for normal skin use rosewater or aloe vera, f-or dry skin use cream or milk and for oily skin use a teaspoon of tomato juice.)

Make a wet paste. Apply to damp skin. Rub it all over the face nicely and then rinse. 

Vanyamrutam Body Lotion

Inspired by wild flowers and forest walks, this body lotion is made up of ingredients like Lotus, Chironji, and Devdaru. A wonderful moisturising agent, this is ideal for every bride-to-be. The best part is it helps in increasing skin elasticity, fading brown spots, and bidding those unwanted wrinkles adieu. 

How to use: Apply on slightly damp skin (after a bath and before sleeping). Take a bit of the lotion on your hand, rub your palms and then apply onto your body. 

Kuntal Care Hair Spa

With this Hair Spa you can help revitalize your scalp, prevent hair loss, and make your tresses healthy and luscious. If you want something to prevent greying and stimulate better hair growth, then this is your go-to Hair Spa.

How to use: Take it into your hands or into a bowl and massage it onto your hair for one to two minutes. Leave it on until your hair dries and then rinse well.

Bhringraj Hair Therapy

If you are scouting for a perfect shampoo and conditioner, then this 2 in 1 Ayurvedic formula is an ideal pick! It helps you get rid of dandruff,  prevents hair loss and premature greying.  Just in one wash, you are sure to fall in love with this reliable and super-effective product!

How to use: Make your scalp and hair a bit wet. Then take a small amount of the shampoo/conditioner and gently massage it with your fingers. Then rinse.

All set to look spot on?

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