5 Steps to remove your heavy bridal makeup without any chemical removers!

5 Steps to remove your heavy bridal makeup without any chemical removers!

As exciting as bridal makeup sounds it is also quite harmful for your skin. Your skin might be used to daily makeup but bridal is a whole different thing. It is 5 days, day and night of heavy makeup with fake lashes, liquid lipstick and tons of other products.

In order to save your skin from further damage by chemical removers, we’ve got a step by step makeup removal process that ensures to save your skin and leave no side effects!


Makeup Removal Hacks


  1. 1. Face Makeup


Image source: Sona Sachdeva Photography


After layers of foundation, concealer, highlighter, etc etc your face needs to breathe again! To remove your face make up effectively without chemicals make a paste of-

  • 2 tsp coconut oil
  • 1 tsp olive oil
  • 1 tbsp rose water
  • 3 drops vitamin E

Apply this mixture with a cotton ball or your fingers and let massage it for 2 minutes. Let it soak for another minute or two and then wash twice to ensure that the oil and makeup are removed.


2. Liquid Lipstick


Image source: Recall Pictures


There is a good chance that you’ll be wearing a liquid lipstick instead of a creamy one. They stay put for long hours and spread all around your mouth when you try to remove it. Instead of washing it just rub some petroleum jelly, dab a cotton ball and swipe it away (gently) It will remove the lipstick effectively and also moisturise your lips!


3. Fake eyelashes/extensions


Image source: Shades


You need to remove your fake lashes or extensions without plucking your real lashes. You’ve to be super gentle while doing so. Steam your face, dab a cotton pad with some olive oil and gently swipe on your eyelids. The fake eyelashes will come off easily as the steam will loosen the adhesive.


4. Waterproof Mascara


Image source: Rohan Mishra Photography


Since the mascara is waterproof, use the opposite of water- oil. The oil will break down the mascara and will be gentle on your lashes. Please don’t use baby oil as it is a byproduct of petroleum which is harmful for your eyes.

Steps to follow-

  • Saturate a cotton pad in oil.
  • Place the cotton pad underneath your lashes and press it gently so that the underside of your lashes are pressed against the pad.
  • Swipe the pad until the mascara comes off.
  • Wash off with a gentle cleanser

5. Residue Makeup


Image source: Movieing Moments


A long day of foundation usually refuses to budge. But you are tougher than that! It is very very important to remove the residue makeup from your face as the last step. Just slather a really thick layer cold cream and let it soak in for 5 minutes. Wipe it off with a warm washcloth.


Tada! Your step by step makeup removal is done!

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