6 Black and Beautiful Wedding Cakes for Millennial Couples

6 Black and Beautiful Wedding Cakes for Millennial Couples

What is the first thing that pops up in your head when you hear someone say ‘Wedding Cake’? 

Well, according to past experiences I am assuming you must have already envisaged an elegant three-tiered white confection, replete with florals. Right?


However, recently it is the all-black cakes that are taking the internet by storm and millennial couples are drooling over them. With a variety of textures and flavours to pick from and subtle accents like gold leaves and fondant flowers, these blacks are giving tough competition to the typical white or pastel coloured ones.


If you too are intrigued and bowled-over by this idea and are waiting to incorporate a black confection on your D-day, here is some inspiration:


1. A typical three-tiered cake with a not-so-typical black colour, enveloped with exotic flowers and foliage.


Image source: KT Merry


2. A celestial-themed cake that resembles the night sky and the little lights look like tiny stars.


Image source: The More We See 


3. Y’all must have definitely come across naked cakes in flavours like carrot and red velvet.

However, I am super stoked seeing this all-black naked cake. 

P.S- I know you can’t wait to dig in!


Image source: Valorie Darling Photography


4. I know that committing to an all-black cake at your wedding is no mean feat!

So, for those who want to add a tad bit of other colours,

this marble-textured cake with gold leaves and subtle specks is a treat to the eyes.


Image source: EILEEN MENY Photography


5. Choose geometric appliques of your choice and up your cake game with

these two-tiered patterned black beauties.


Image source: Jen Huang


6. This gorgeous black four-tiered cake with gold patterns and subtle effects of satin ribbons

at the bases is a refreshing choice for your wedding ceremony.


Image source: Rebecca Yale Photography


Well, I am sure many of y’all can’t wait to help yourselves to a scrumptious piece of an all-black cake!

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