7 Mandap Ideas that Set Decor Goals!

7 Mandap Ideas that Set Decor Goals!

Mandaps hold a special place in every bride’s heart. After all, the first step (or the first seven rounds!) of your fairytale marriage begins right there. If you ask me, apart from the buffet table, the mandap is one of the most important elements of a wedding. It is also the place likely to be photographed the most! So you have to make sure that the mandap decor is nothing but top notch! Don’t worry Hun, I have an arsenal full of decor inspiration to share with you. Here is a glimpse of some of the best mandap decor that I have come across!


1. Elegant white drapes with white roses


Image source: Laurie Bailey


2. A replica of the beautiful mandirs of India


Image source: Nikhil Kapur


3. The pink and white drapes with chunky roses look so sophisticated!


Image source: Duke Images


P.S- the petals neatly scattered along the aisle looks so pretty!


4. Atti Sundar Floral Canopy!



5. Minimal fluorescent pink drapes with roses and white bougainvillea.



6. Contrasting orange drapes with a sea of white flowers.


Image source: Ivy Weddings


7. Mandap decor inspired by the ethereal Jag Mandir!


Image source: Andevi Weddings


Which mandap decor inspired you the most?

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