8 Tips to Take Care of your Engagement Ring

8 Tips to Take Care of your Engagement Ring

One of the most important milestones leading up to marriage is being proposed to with that ‘engagement ring’. It is a moment which takes any gal’s breath away! It is something a bride imagines and dream of for weeks and months- flaunting that sparkle on her ring finger.


Now that you have got your engagement ring, it is important to take care of it properly. This is not only because it might be expensive, but also because it occupies a special place in your heart. If you want your engagement ring to last for long, you have to take care of it too.


Here are some tips that you should follow if you want your rock to sparkler to last for a lifetime:


1. Insurance



I am not trying to freak you out, however, there is a slim chance that your ring may get lost, damaged or stolen. To avoid loss in such circumstances, make sure you get insurance for your ring.


2. Don’t remove your ring unnecessarily


At times due to the discomfort, you may be tempted to remove your ring for a few seconds. Don’t give in to this habit as if you forget your ring at a public place, there are hardly any chances of you getting it back. Also, if you are using a public restroom you may remove the ring and keep it aside while lathering up. This is again extremely risky, as you could forget it on the sink or drop it accidentally.


3. Don’t touch the stone



This should be remembered at all times! Avoid touching the center stone of your ring, if you want it to last more. Try grabbing it by the band instead of holding it by the stone. This is because it could get damaged due to dust, dirt and body oil.


4. Keep it clean


Don’t clean it with any random cleaner at your home. Preferably use hot water, a toothbrush, and some gin. However, getting it cleaned by a jewellery expert is most advisable. Avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach which may dull the shine and finish of the ring.


5. Pre-wedding Clean


Opt for getting your wedding band getting cleaned up by a professional, rather than trying it on your own. Your jewellery will have access to steamers, sonic cleaners and other equipment- take advantage of it.


6. Use a ring dish



Your home is the safest place for your ring. However, rather than keeping it lying around, keep a designated ring dish for it. This way it will be safe, undamaged and you can find it easily.


7. Avoid comparison.


Lastly, avoid comparing your engagement ring with that of others. Remember that yours is special and you should flaunt it with confidence!


8. Avoid while swimming


Avoid wearing the ring when going swimming or at the beach – salty and chlorinated water can damage the setting of the stone. It can become loose and fall off.


So, gals, whenever you are not flaunting it, make sure you are taking care of it 😉

Images source: Pinterest

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