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7 Ways to add a Modern Touch to Your Traditional Wedding

7 Ways to add a Modern Touch to Your Traditional Wedding


A wedding is not just a union of two people but also two families. With the growing trends, we have reached a time where the millennials are bringing about many changes in the wedding industry and how!


A wedding is the beginning of a new chapter in your life. And couples today, look for modern ways to bring in this beautiful day with their loved ones while also making it extremely memorable.


Today, we’re going to share seven ways that you can add a modern touch to your oh-so-beautiful traditional wedding.


1. Groom walking down the aisle


Image source: The Wedding Crasher


Walking down the aisle, with all eyes on the person, has always been a bride’s this. But, maybe it is time we change this and also have the groom have the limelight on him.


2. A heart-touching speech


Image source: Dipak Studios


A sweet, heart-touching speech can be a real treat to the heart. You must have seen it in the movies, the father of the bride gives a sweet speech about the couple. We recommend making this a trend. Do this at your wedding but make sure you have a tissue box at your disposal.


3. Bouquet toss


Image source: Weddings by Bichara


The bouquet toss is a fun tradition practised in the west. All the single ladies stand behind the bride, who is distracted by the groom. She then tosses the bouquet in the air and whichever single lady catches it is teased about being the next one to get married. We would love to see this tradition being a part of our Indian weddings too, because who wouldn’t enjoy this?


4. A beautiful signboard


Image source: Photo Buddies


Gone are the days of thermacol and glitter – bring in your wedding with an exclusive, beautiful and mesmerizing signboard that speaks of your love for one another.


5. Rehearsal dinner


Image source: Pinterest


Most people have relocated to a new city or country altogether for better prospects. Sometimes, they meet their partner there or sometimes on the internet. In such cases, a rehearsal dinner gives the two families a chance to get to know each other better before the official wedding ceremonies take place. And, this is also a great opportunity for the bride and groom to thank the people who helped them.


6. Brides are coy no more!


Image source: Vrutika Doshi Photography


The young brides of today are welcoming to change. They’re coy no more and shake a leg with the baaraatis! So, if you’re a bride-to-be, don’t shy away, enjoy the moment and make memories for a lifetime!


7. Touching each other’s feet


Image source: FIH FOTOGRAFIE


Right after the wedding, in some traditions, the bride has to touch the groom’s feet to seek his blessings and to show respect. We think this tradition needs an update. Today, we treat both men and women equally and so we think that both the bride and groom should touch each other’s feet.


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