Contemporary Wedding Favours that your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen will love!

Contemporary Wedding Favours that your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen will love!


Bridesmaids and groomsmen are a special breed. They not only endure your tantrums, but also make sure that you are at your utmost comfort during the wedding. They go an extra mile and ensure that your journey down the aisle isn’t bumpy, but smooth. It’s time to appreciate your crazy squad and let them know that you’re eternally grateful of them! While motichur ke ladoos are the best, you might want to think out of the box and gift your lovelies something unique and contemporary!


1. Wine Tasting Samples



This can be quite a DIY idea. You can purchase small 50 ml bottles, a basket/box and different types of wine from the market. Fill each bottle with different types of wine and primp it up with cute bows. Assemble it in the box/basket, write a heartfelt message for them and voila! Your wine tasting samples are ready.


2. Terrariums with Gifts



Terrariums are all the rage since quite some time now. A traditional terrarium is like a small garden enclosed in a curved glass with a lid. While the traditional one is a good idea, let me suggest a few tweaks. Purchase terrariums of asymmetrical shapes and fill it with goodies of your choice. This can double up for hanging lanterns by adding fairy lights in them!


3. Monogrammed Goodies



Personalisation is quite a hit nowadays. You can personalise anything and everything under the sun- even clothes hangers and whiskey glasses! You can get different goodies monogrammed with the initials or even the entire names of your squad!


4. Leather Can Coolers



Don’t you hate it when your beer/soft drink becomes warm? Ughh, me too! Let me introduce you to koozie- an insulating sleeve that keeps your drink  cold! Trust me, your bridesmaids and groomsmen are going to love this one!


5. Plants  or Succulents



Go green by gifting some plants or succulents to your team! Get your friends a plant of their favourite fruit/veggie/flower and let them nurture it. Succulents look really cute and add up as a showpiece!


6. Assorted Tea Basket



Indians love chai and can drink it any time of the day! Take advantage of this love and curate a box of assorted tea for your peeps! Throw in some fancy tea and confetti (‘cause why not?), a brewing bottle and a strainer. Wrap it up like a professional and you’ve made some gift boxes!


So, ladies and gentlemen, steer clear from the usual gifts and get your squad something contemporary and chic!

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