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Decoding the Funny Shoe Game at Weddings

Decoding the Funny Shoe Game at Weddings


Have you ever witnessed a couple playing the funny shoe game at their wedding?


If yes, high-five! 

If no, you don’t need to sweat as I have it all sorted out for you. This game requires the bride and groom to sit on opposite sides, with their backs against each other. The audience or their BFFs or cousins start asking them random questions that they must answer. The bride has one of her shoe and one of her groom’s shoe and vice versa. When the questions are asked, the bride and groom raise the shoe, indicating the answer. For example, it could be something like, “Who can’t stop hogging on food?” If the bride raises the groom’s shoe, it means the answer is her bridegroom. Easy, right?


While this game had a strong hold over Western weddings, in the past few years it has become one of the favourites even here. Personally, it is a fun and entertaining game. You can organize it for your cousin/BFF on his/her mehendi, haldi or sangeet or you could even consider having it at the reception. Along with the laughs, it also makes the atmosphere chilled-out, relaxed and stress-free.


Here is everything you need to know about it:


Rules to play?


-The bride and groom are made to sit either on the stage or in the middle of the venue, with their backs against each other.


-The bride gives one of her shoes to the groom and the groom gives one shoe to the bride. This way both have one bride’s shoe and one groom’s shoe.


-During the game, a series of questions are asked to the bride and the groom. These questions could either be written down in advance or the audience can shout out questions spontaneously.


-When the questions are asked, the answer has to be either ‘bride’ or ‘groom’. The couple has to answer the question by raising the shoe. If the bride’s shoe is raised, the ‘bride’ is the answer and vice versa.


How to spice up things? (at you’re own risk ;)):


-You can ask some embarrassing questions only if you feel your audience will be okay with it.

-Apart from the prepared questions, allow the audience to chip in and ask some spontaneous ones to make it more fun. 

-Choose a few funny questions for the extra giggling.

-Choose a few controversial questions 😛


Questions you can ask:


General Questions:


1. Who hogs more?

2. Who doesn’t like spending money?

3. Who is a better cook?

4. Who is a better driver (under pressure)?

5. Who has the most shoes?


Relationship questions:


1. Who was the first one to admit their love?

2. Who is the first one to say, “I love you”?

3. Who is the better kisser?

4. Who wears the pants in the relationships? 

5. Who is smarter at lying?


Personality questions:


1. Who is more clumsy?

2. Who can’t do with lesser than 8 hours of sleep?

3. Who takes longer in the bathroom?

4. Who cracks better jokes?

5. Who is more stubborn?


So, get your pen and paper out, and get planning!


Cover images sources:


Left: Dot Dusk Studios 

Right: ND Photography

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