Dilliwalon, Say Goodbye to Big, Fat Indian Weddings!

Dilliwalon, Say Goodbye to Big, Fat Indian Weddings!

Like every coin has two sides, a wedding has its own set of pros and cons. On one hand it is a joyous occasion, a union of  two souls and two families, on the other hand, it is also a ground for wastage. All sorts of wastage! Remember the Gupta wedding that took place in Auli (Uttrakhand) last month? They spent 200 crore on the wedding that left the beautiful grounds of Auli littered with 4000kgs of waste! Yes this one –



The Gupta wedding is just an example of many. Families go out of their way to impress their guests, often wasting food and other resources. Talking about food wastage, have you ever thought of sharing the leftover food with the less privileged? Trust me, the joy you’ll receive after sharing the excess food of your wedding will be greater than receiving your favourite gift.



In response to the Supreme Court’s concerns over the food and water wastage at weddings, the Delhi Government has drafted a new set of policies called ‘Social Function Policy.’ The policy focuses on three things mainly-


  1. It states that there will be a restriction on the number of guests invited to a social gathering; depending on the venue size and the parking capacity. It will be determined by multiplying the number of cars that can fit in the parking lot by 4, or dividing the square metre area of the venue by 1.5.


  1. Further, there will be restrictions on horse drawn carriages, bands’ outside the wedding venue and loud DJ sets as they have to abide by the noise pollution laws.


  • Best of all, the families have to tie up with an NGO in advance to donate the excess food! 


Weddingz.in has partnered with Feeding India, a not-for-profit social organization that aims to solve the food wastage problem by donating it to the needy. Any event that is held at a Weddingz.in venue, the event host/ venue owner will have an opportunity to donate a certain number of plate along with the leftovers from their function. This entire transfer will be handled completely by the Venue Manager at site along with Feeding India team. The food transfer shall be distributed to shelter homes and to people in need of promoting ZERO WASTE policy.



If implemented in the right manner, the Government can make a huge difference with their new initiative.

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