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From Virushka’s wedding to how to NOT overspend on decor – Devika Narain answers all your wedding planning queries!

From Virushka’s wedding to how to NOT overspend on decor – Devika Narain answers all your wedding planning queries!

Devika Narain had never planned to enter the wedding business. She’s an English Literature major who moved on to work at CNN- IBN after her graduation. But with time, she realised that she’s not really meant for mainstream journalism as there was a creative side to her and she was constantly craving to explore it, and we can’t be happier about this decision of hers 🙂

She left her job, enrolled herself into a wedding design company, and found her true calling. She launched Devika Narain & Co. three years ago and she’s never looked back. She’s been designing luxury weddings from a long time now, but it was when she designed #Virushka’s wedding that she broke the internet!

It goes without saying I’am a big fan of her work. She has this ease with which she breathes life into empty spaces and then they never look the same. So, it’s obv, I stalk her on Instagram and when she decided to answer questions about wedding planning, I paid attention. After all it is not everyday that India’s top wedding planner decides to take questions from her fans.

So, for all you brides to be wanting to know some insides tips and tricks of wedding planning, here’s Devika Narain herself answering them for you:

On Wedding planning:

Q. What’s your favourite part of planning a wedding?

A. The best part is that of seeing it all come together.

Q. Suggestions on light on pocket, but a beautiful wedding?

  1. Find things that are local and use them. Don’t follow random online trends. Find a beautiful venue, you’ll win half the battle. DIY the heck outta it.

Q. What is your idea of a perfect wedding?

A. One where you are surrounded by people whom you love!

Q. What is the colour of the moment ?

A. Mustard and Lavender. Not together. NEVER!

Q. What do you connect and understand the ideas of the couple while wedding planning?

A. That’s a long process. Our entire planning process is centered around the couple who is getting married. A lot of research is done on understanding what they want. Their personal stories and histories become the narratives of the spaces we work in.

Q. Which wedding gave you deep satisfaction?

A. It has to be Afsha and Aamir’s wedding. It was a challenge in ways we didn’t even grasp at that time we took on the project. To challenge yourself with the idea that you’ll design the wedding only using local elements and to be able to do this in a city with limited resources, gives you immense satisfaction.

On Designing Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s wedding: 

 Q. How was your experience of designing #Virushka’s wedding?

A. Surreal.

Q. What was the best part of the Virushka wedding?

A. The fact the the people from Shaadi Squad , the Wedding Filmer, Stories by Joseph Radhik and we got to spend so much time together.  It was fun!


Here’s from her detailed interview about Virushka’s wedding:


Virat and Anushka got married at Borgo Finocchieto, a luxury resort which is a one-hour drive away from Tuscany, Italy. The place is one of the most expensive hotels in the world and is known for holding exclusive events.They chose a villa in Tuscany as the backdrop. The property is a family-styled villa, so it felt like a ghar ka shaadi.

Anushka and Virat are very spiritual. The setting was inspired by the idea of growth and prosperity and designed like an overgrown garden For the main ceremony, we chose a palette of lavender, soft pink and powder blue.



Anushka was a super involved bride and that she was very clear that this was a celebration for her family and that she had no one to show off to, or impress.”



 Insides to being a wedding planner :

Q. What’s the most challenging part of your profession?

A. The fact that our deadlines are absolute! 

Q. What do you love most about your job?

A. That’s tough. I get to do something new everyday. A fresh challenge is thrown at me everyday. No two days are alike. I get to work with, teach and lead a super fun team at Devika Narain Co.

About Devika Narain:

Q.  Your favourite flower?

A. Bougainvillea.

Q. Where does the love of flowers come from?

  1. MY DAD! Growing up we had this garden full of flowers. My dad would grow all kind of seasonal ones and make me and my brother help. Each monsoon my grandma would make me help with Bonsais. The love for gardens and flowers came from there and it’s always been a part of my life.

Q. If not wedding planning, what would you be doing?

A. Teaching.

About her Hubby Joseph Radhik

Q. Where did you meet Joseph?

A. At a wedding!  

Image Source – Two Mann

Q. You and Joe got into an arranged marriage or was it love?

  1. Someone in this fantastic universe, wanted Joe and me to meet. We fell in love not just with each other, but with each other’s families. And now, we live together.

 Hers is far from a textbook fairytale approach to weddings. “We believe in the real celebrations that are worth remembering for a lifetime. We design for the eclectic bride, the one who is not afraid to open her hair and dance at her own party. It’s about experiences, and not just spaces, for us,” she tells Aashni + Co in an exclusive chat. 

Image Source – Devika Narain and Stories by Joseph Radhik

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