In love with these brides who put their dogs first, husband second!

In love with these brides who put their dogs first, husband second!

If doggies could speak, this is exactly what they would say-

“Hi frand! Where were you all day? I missed you! I smelled my own fart. It was nasty! Oh wait let me shower you with wet sloppy licks! I looouu you berry berry much!” According to me, doggies are god sent, tail wagging angels covered in fur. And you know who agrees with me? These brides who made sure that their pooch is a part of their celebration! After all, they are family!


1. A plethora of emotions are being exchanged between these two.. I can’t even! Gimme a minute and a box of tissues!



2. Kisses for my poochie poo!


Image source: Roma Ganesh Photography


3. Hugging her  boo boo before she gets ready to walk down the aisle!



4. This bride has such a proud expression on her face that says “my babies!”


Image source: Colorblind Productions


5. The boards say it all!



6. Smiles galore!


Image source: Fotografia 9


7. Look at those furry bears!


Image source: Recall Pictures


8. Family photo!


Image source: Ankit Singh


9. This pooch is wearing a matching bow tie. How cute!


Image source: Prune India


10. Awwwwwwwwwww


Image source: Atul Pratap Chahuan


11. Doggo needs to suit up too!


Image source: Gaurav Hingne


12. Who is a good girl? This bridesmaid!


Image source: Evalin Photography


13. The cutest pre wedding shoot that I’ve come across!


Image source: Ombre by Harsheen Jammu


Well, my mum won’t let me adopt one so in doggo pictures se hi guzara chalana padhta hai! *Weeps copiously*

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