The Latest & Prettiest Lehenga Latkan Designs You Need To Keep an Eye on!

The Latest & Prettiest Lehenga Latkan Designs You Need To Keep an Eye on!


When my sister was getting married my mother ran from pillar to post in search of an offbeat lehenga latkan design for her wedding lehenga. People often think that latkan is a small part of lehenga that nobody pays attention to. But hey, we do! Lehenga latkan adds that extra glam to your lehenga. Not to forget, there are so many latkan designs for lehenga out there! Brides to be, don’t be under the impression that lehenga latkans come in only a handful of designs. There are many latkan designs in the market that you have to explore! Play with your imagination and make sure your lehenga latkan is ekdum hatke!

Here are some of my favourite latkans for lehenga that you can be inspired from!


Mirror, mirror on the latkan, which is the prettiest lehenga latkan of all?



Image source: Namrata Nautiyal



Taj Mahal style lehenga latkan design, the ultimate symbol of love!


Image source: Twisted Threads


The Gotta Patti Magic lehenga latkan design


Image source: Pixel Scapes


The Lotus Motifs lehenga latkan design


Image source: Swati Ubroi


Little Birdies Lehenga Latkans


Image source: NamrataNoted

Image source: Amrita Thakur


Potlie with Tassel Latkans for Lehenga


Image source: Fotowalle



Woodcut Latest Latkan Design


Image source: Anju Modi


Image source: Kin’s Designs


Net Tassels Lehenga Latkan

Image source: Twisted Threads


Image source:  Pava by Param Singh



Customised Latkans for a Heavy Lehenga


Image source: Deepika’s Deep Clicks


Image source: We Don’t Say Cheese


Unique shapes for lehenga latkan


Image source: Jewelry Limited


Image source: Menahel & Mehreen


Rings with Thread Tassels latkans


Image source: Dhanika Choksi Photography


Image source: Summer by Priyanka Gupta


There! Now you don’t have to be worried about lakan designs, you already have a buffet of latest lehenga latkans to choose from!

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