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20 Cool Wedding Hairstyles for Men
When it comes to wedding hairstyles for men there are no dearth of options no matter what the length, texture or quality of hair. Having the right kind of hairstyle that suits your face is a big a...
Aug. 27, 2020
Nail the Bridal Bun with these 8 Stunning Accessories!
Brides swear by their buns! After all, this seemingly petite element has the power to boost or butcher your entire bridal look. Hence you cannot afford to get that bun wrong. Besides, bridal buns ...
May 22, 2020
8 Hairstyles for Christian Brides with Short Hair
Short hair, don’t care? But what about those limited hairstyles? Fret no more, we've got you covered! All you brides-to-be who love to steal the show with your own unique hatke andaaz, this spa...
April 2, 2020
4 Brands to Give Brides Luscious Hair for Their D-Day!
Dreaming of having silky, shiny hair for your wedding? It can be achieved with the right kind of brands and products included in your trousseau. Depending on the problems that you need to tackle, ...
Feb. 27, 2020
Pull off 9 Retro Bridal Hairstyles with Effortless Ease
The 60s was an era of some bold fashion choices. Everything was large and extravagant. Hair was considered as a major style statement in the 60s. Along with what she wore, the way she styled her ha...
Jan. 16, 2020
10 Hair Styles and Cuts for the Classic Groom
While the bride pinpoints every aspect of her ensemble, we find the groom’s look is last on the list. We want our men to look dashing, handsome and most presentable to the family. So we’ve narrowed...
Jan. 13, 2020
6 Stylish Hairdos for Brides with Short Hair
Outfits-sorted!Makeup-sorted!Footwear-sorted!Hair...ummmmmmNot so sorted, right? Well, as a bride your tresses play a vital role in your overall ensemble, and it is important to get your hair r...
Dec. 30, 2019
How to recreate Sonam Kapoor's wedding hairstyles from 'Veere Di Wedding' -  WzExclusive!
If you are planning on attending a wedding in the near future or getting married yourself, I’ll give you one less thing to worry about – your wedding hairstyle! After all, the hairdo can completely...
July 27, 2018
The most gorgeous Bridal Bun Hairstyles for your wedding - with DIY videos!
There are a lot of options when it comes to your mehendi or Sangeet hairstyle, but when you have to take the saat-pheras and have the dupatta pinned to your head, your options are limited – a solid...
April 7, 2018
10 Bridal Hairstyles For Curly Hair That Are Perfect For Indian Weddings!
Are you a curly haired girl? How many times have you tried grabbing that straightener and taming your locks to achieve some hairstyle you saw on tv! Well, we’ve got some really cool hairstyles tha...
Sept. 28, 2017
7 Chic and Easy Bun Hairstyles That Are Perfect For Your Sangeet Or Wedding!
A bun is just about the perfect hairstyle for a formal or semi-formal occasion like your sangeet night or wedding day! Check out some of these chic and trendy buns and updos that’ll look great wit...
Aug. 29, 2017
Timeless Bridal Hairstyles That Are Simply Too Stunning!
Your hairdo has to set you apart from  the crowd. After all, you are the bride. We’re here to help you nail the look! Traditional Braids Exuding the timeless appeal, braids never goes out of fashi...
June 12, 2017

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