The best wedding lehenga and sherwani shots that caught my eye!

The best wedding lehenga and sherwani shots that caught my eye!


Often in an array of wedding pictures, these precious little ones gets lost. Confused what am I talking about? The lehenga and sherwani shots of course! Lehenga and sherwani shots have their own charm and definitely deserve an entire blog about them! I present to you, the best lehenga and sherwani shots that captured my attention!


1. This lehenga shot clearly highlights the bride’s priorities!


Image source: Design Aqua


2. This groom obviously preferred sleep over his wedding!


Image source: CineLove


3. Here is a picture of two swaggers who slayyyed the lehenga/sherwani shot game!


Image source: Naman Verma Photography


4. I like how this one isn’t hanging from a wall!


Image source: Square Frame Picture


5. Cookie for whoever came up with this idea!


Image source: Square Frame Picture


6. Can I just shift to this location? Please?


Image source: Magic Weavers


7. This sherwani’s dreams of flying high have been achieved!


Image source: Shutterdown by Lakshya Chawla


8. Swimming pool shots are my favourite!


Image source: Shutterdown by Lakshya Chawla


9. The lighting is perfect for this sherwani shot!


Image source: My Visual Artistry


10. Distracting the passersby with this beaut lehenga!


Image source: Nitin Arora Photography


11. Whatte poetic picture!


Image source: Think Tank Studio


12. Hanging from a pole? That’s something new!


Image source: Israni Photography


13. The lampost makes the picture even better!


Image source: Color Frames


Next time you go through a wedding album, don’t forget to look out for these precious ones, okay?

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