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A Lehenga With A Love Story To Tell?

A Lehenga With A Love Story To Tell?

This bride wanted something unique and memorable to wear. Well, that’s exactly what she got!

Being a stylist, Astha really wanted to wear something exclusive on her wedding day and fortunately, she had resources. Her mother Anu Hora, the designer behind Anu Aastha Couture took the vision of her dream lehenga and started to work on it. She and Astha’s brother Arpan, who is also an artist, sketched all the tracings and managed to weave Astha and Aziz’s memories into the lehenga. Her inspiration was Kresha Bajaj’s lehenga.


“I am Astha, I have fallen in love with a man who has always embraced the innocence in me. We fell in love in school; and have grown up together supporting each other through thick and thin.

Aziz is a beautiful soul, each day I learn something from him. He has been a scholar, an engineer and I am a crazy, wild, creative person. We are two different people with completely contrasting fields of interest. We had mostly stayed apart throughout our relationship of seven years. Long distance relationships are painful. We also experienced bitterness and fights, everyone does, but what kept us together was our undying affection towards each other. Our marriage was a dream come true affair, because after years of pain we were finally ready to unite our souls together forever.

We never found wise to spend crores of money on our wedding, but we still managed to make it unique in its own way.”
– The Bride


The pictures on the lehenga depict their runaway trip to Goa that means a lot to Astha. The two were supposed to get married in August 2016 and move to Canada, where Aziz worked. But since her Visa to Canada got denied twice, this couldn’t happen. The wedding got postponed and after another year of not being together, they felt like they just needed a getaway to be with each other. And so they went to Goa and spent beautiful moments in the hope that he’d be able to come back soon. And he did! He chose love over everything else.

“I didn’t know he loved me so much that he would leave everything behind for us. It’s very rare to find such love. And once found should be treasured for life.” – Astha

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