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Ketan & Aditi Hua Hin : Stunning decor, an intimate affair and the bride as part of the baraat- this wedding is inspiration

Ketan & Aditi  Hua Hin : Stunning decor, an intimate affair and the bride as part of the baraat- this wedding is inspiration

Shattering stereotypes and having not-so-traditional wedding ceremonies weren’t the only highlight of this wedding. Gorgeous and refreshing decor and a love story that will make your heart skip a beat, made this wedding stand out even more!

About the couple..

The couple dated for 11 years before getting hitched! Sounds unreal? Read on to know more…

Sometimes, you just don’t know what destiny has in store for you. This couple’s love story started at a football camp, which Aditi’s friend had attended. Her friend wanted to speak to a girl who Ketan was talking to on the phone and thus they decided to exchange their phones. Coincidentally, Ketan and Aditi started speaking to each other. To their surprise, they spoke to each other till next morning. They felt a connection! They wanted to meet and wanted to know each other more. Two months after they first met they started officially dating one another. Over a period of time, their bond grew stronger and stronger and their love for each other only increased with every passing day.

They practically grew up together. From knowing getting to know each other’s families and friends to sorting out their education and careers, they had faced all the ups and downs together, as one team.

In the month of May, 2018, it was Aditi’s uncle’s birthday. She felt there was something amiss. Her uncle usually never celebrated his birthday in a grand way. While Aditi was all ready to go simply dressed, her cousin coaxed her to put on something more fancy and so they got all dolled-up and left for the birthday celebration. When Aditi reached the venue with her cousin, she couldn’t believe her eyes. The entire place was decorated extravagantly- with diyas, lights and cute and adorable pictures of the couple were strung everywhere. Ketan had won her heart already!

He had managed to call all their close friends and family to make it special for her. Ketan started to sing, ‘I think I want to marry you’, a song Aditi had made him hear almost five years back. Aditi was shaking with nervousness and excitement. She was so frazzled she almost started wearing the ring on her own, before someone yelled, reminding her that Ketan was supposed to put it on for her.

This was it! Ketan had proposed and they had finally decided to get hitched!

The Wedding Events

Coping up with a destination wedding is no mean feat and for Aditi and Ketan it wasn’t a cake walk either. “If it is a destination wedding, make sure you keep double for preparation. If you are at the helm of affairs, like Ketan and I were, then take decisions firmly and quickly. Although having a wedding planner is great, you have to be on top of everything.”

Haldi+Pool Party=Double the fun!

The haldi party wasn’t a conventional one. The ceremony took place by the pool, after which the bride and groom were ultimately pushed into it. Aditi wasn’t fond of Mehendi and didn’t believe in this custom, thus she decided to skip it.


The couple had quite a ‘filmy’ dance-off at the wedding. It was more like Shahrukh vs Salman. Aditi was obsessed with Shahrukh, while Ketan was a Salman fan. There were no solos, only group performances. The decoration was simple, but the levels of energy outshone everything else. The couple had a BLAST!

Phoolon ka gehna

This is a Kashmiri ritual, as part of which the bride is adorned with gota jewellery and floral jewellery by her close family members.


The Wedding ceremony managed to give major goals to all the to-be-brides! The bride entered to the song ‘Hawa Hawai’ and joined the baraat, dancing with her partner while walking down the aisle.

Moreover, in an attempt to uphold gender equality, there was no sindoor, no mangalsutra and the bride and groom took pheras side by side.

The decor for every function was so refreshing and uncontemporary, it really brought to the front, the chilled-out vibe of the wedding. What caught our eyes apart from the use of beautiful drapes were the ceiling hangings as part of the decor- the peppy tassels at the mehendi and the vibrant flowers at the Phoolon ka gehna. But what stole the show was the gorgeous floral mandap at the wedding ceremony.

The wedding also had unique, super-fun and exciting wedding cards, personally designed by the bride’s best friend.

The wedding ended on a happy note, with some beautiful speeches, delectable dinner and the couple enjoying at the beach, against a mesmerizing backdrop!

About the venue (The Palayana Hua Hin)..

“I’ve always been a water baby! So I was very clear that we had to have a beach wedding. Both of us wanted very few people at the wedding so we decided on Thailand. As soon as we walked inside the Palayana, we knew this was it! It fitted everything- perfect view and perfect number of rooms to fit our guest list of 115. The food was amazing and we had the nicest manager, Sumeet. The entire team was fantastic. They lived up to all my expectations.”


Photography-The Lumiere Project

Venue- The Palayana Hua Hin, Thailand

Bride’s outfit- Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Groom’s outfit- Diwan Sahab, Zegna

Makeup artist and Hair stylist: Ziggy and Bali

Wedding cards-Natasha Mehra

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About Wedding

Wedding Date - November 2018
Wedding Location - Hua Hin

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