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Sashank & Pragya Kolkata : This Royal wedding held at Hyatt Regency Kolkata is the perfect combination of simplicity and class!

Sashank & Pragya Kolkata : This Royal wedding held at Hyatt Regency Kolkata is the perfect combination of simplicity and class!

Pragya and Sashank recently got hitched in a larger than life wedding at the Hyatt Regency, Kolkata. Their love story is unique and straight out of a Bollywood movie!

The Love Story..

Sashank, our handsome groom talked to us about his love story and you’ve got to hear what he said. The way he gushed about Pragya, you’d think they are teenagers! One fateful night a man was at a crowded club when his eyes fell on a damsel who was dancing her heart out. In that moment, the man lost himself in her moves. The crowd vanished, his heart strings tugged and he knew, he knew he had found the ‘one’! Destiny had already made plans for them for they bumped into each other for the second time at a rooftop bar. Sashank says, “It’s like the universe kept bumping us into each other till we realized what it had planned for us.”

The Wedding Planning..

Pragya and Sashank wanted to make sure that every element of their wedding speaks volumes about them. In fact, Sashank and his father are wedding planners! They sat through every aspect of the entire event- from trussing to platforming to light &amp,, hospitality to artists to décor, everything! “Designing all the events, selecting the flowers, color schemes and the all-in-all ambiance was also a massive task as I wanted to keep it simple yet showcase my work to the best of my capabilities. Fortunately, I have the best event planner working alongside me, which is my dad. On the D-day, I handed over all the paperwork to him and he ran the show single handedly while rightfully performing every duty of a groom’s father! Besides him, my team- my hospitality crew and each and every vendor, worked relentlessly for the wedding and stood by us like rock solid pillars!

The Wedding Festivities..

Pragya had only one wish throughout the wedding- that the wedding should be nothing short of an experience! Her wish was fulfilled and how! Every function was impeccable and beautifully executed!

The Engagement Ceremony..

Their wedding saga started with a rustic engagement ceremony. During the day, Pragyan and Sashank were on the field, working- lifting wooden shafts, placing speakers, arranging the seating areas ourselves, until an hour before the guests started arriving!  For the décor, they played heavily with cut-glass crystal chandeliers, fairy lights and lots and lots of greens. Along with traditional round tables we also had a 30-seater long rectangular table with massive central arrangement. Not to forget, we also had a 36 ft long bar, because we knew where the maximum crowd would be!

The Cocktail Night..

Pragyan and Sashank mutually agreed that they don’t want a traditional Sangeet and would rather host a cocktail night. But little did Sashank know, Pragyan had planned a surprise, 10- minute dance sequence for him! She involved all his friends and secretly approached all his close ones. The venue was adorned with giant Moroccan lamps, rich red velvet drapes, royal purple seating upholstery and a beautiful aquarium bar.

The Wedding..

Embellished with pearly white strands of juhi the wedding was a solemn evening. Sashank and his family’s expertise helped them to bring their vision alive. He says, “we incorporated brass elements adorned with light pink lotuses as a part of the décor. On this night, we smartly designed a three layered Varmala-Reception-Mandap stage. We played elaborately with this attraction- we had a reflective acrylic floor, golden pillars and heavily stacked ceiling. The reflection of the ceiling on the mirror like floor came across as surreal in the pictures as in reality!

Pragya looked dropped dead gorgeous in a classic red lehenga. Her minimal gold jewellery was the perfect match for her lehenga! And guess what, she did her own makeup! Not only hers, but also sister’s makeup and her mother and mother-in-laws makeup on both the days! Confident that no one could do a better job than herself, she literally smiled and trotted over the worries which most brides find excruciating!

The Dream Team

Photographers: Malvika Periwal Photography, Framed by Ronak Gadhia

Venue: Hyatt Regency, Kolkata

Event Planner: Envogue Events

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Wedding Date - February 2019
Wedding Location - Kolkata

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