10 Adorable Bride-and-Father moments that got us teary-eyed!

10 Adorable Bride-and-Father moments that got us teary-eyed!

For a girl, her father is the part of her soul. A ‘superman’ who would rescue her anytime whenever she needs him. Tears roll down my cheeks when I think about the time when I have to let go off my father’s hand and leave for a new beginning. To all the fathers who bid farewell to their ‘little princesses’ with a heavy heart, but always with a smile covering the sorrow of it; I dedicate this post to you. To the man that she has always looked up to, here’s a small tribute with some of the most beautiful moments that we managed to enlist:



1. Follow the lead- cause he has always guided you through the way!


Image Source: Shutterdown Photography



2. A cute moment captured- because daddy just can’t say no!


Image Source: Candid Tales



3. Cause his ‘little princess’ has always been his fashion advisor!


Image Source: Camlition Productions



4. The father who lightens up the mood with his broad smile!


Image Source: The Wedding Story


Image Source: Nitin Arora Photgraphy



5. When its time to say goodbye, there are no words but tears-


Image Source: Chetna Bhat Photography


Image Source: Albummed



6. Guiding you throughout your life


Image Source: Going Bananas Photography



7. The beautiful goodbye kiss!


Image Source: Moni and Adri Photography


Image Source: The Photo Diary



8. The father who just can’t get enough of her daughter


Image Source: Shutterdown Photography



9. The holy Kanyadaan moment


Image Source: Knots by AMP



10. A hug with father is a necessity- be it at any time!


Image Source: Richa Kashelkar Photography



There is no way one can count the number of beautiful emotions a girl experiences with her father and so there’s no denying to the fact that there is nothing but unconditional love that makes up a father’s heart. Cheers to the golden-heart man!

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