10 Amazing Wedding Trends for 2019/20!

10 Amazing Wedding Trends for 2019/20!

We are inching into the final quarter of 2019 but that just means the wedding madness is going to begin soon. The last weeks of the year are generally considered an ideal time to get married, especially in India. In case you have started wedding planning and looking for the latest trends, here are some ideas to help you out:


Bright Colours


Image Source: Dipak Studios


Pastels and neutrals have been overused now. Do something different and get creative with colours. You can incorporate colour-blocking combinations in your decor, outfit or even wedding favours!




Image Source: Samson Productions


Minimalism does not mean cutting down on wedding essentials which will result in the entire space looking bare. It basically means making the best use of minimal resources and creating an attractive visual appeal. 


Blend of Traditional with Modern


Image Source: Frozen Pixel Studios


Couples are really enjoying this trend! It gives them the liberty to toy with ideas and bring them to life in innovative ways. A great way to blend traditional with modern is with the outfits. From asymmetrical kurta cuts for grooms to sarees with pants for brides, there is much that to experiment with. 


Statemet Wedding Cakes


Image Source: Amelie’s Kitchen


This is another trend that is catching up. A statement wedding cake means it is one of a kind and the couple can use it as a medium to convey their love story. A recent statement cake trend that caught our eye included the element of LED lights which created an incredible display on the cake!


Going Digital


Image Source: Etsy


Natural Makeup Looks


Image Source: Pinterest


No need to cake your face in heavy makeup when you can opt for a natural makeup look! It looks much better and honestly, do you need to worry about the makeup melting on your wedding day?


Return of the Classic


Image Source: Camera Crew


Genda phools are making a comeback as a classic wedding decor trend and we are loving it! They have always been a constant at Indian weddings and are recently regaining their popularity. 


Eco-friendly Weddings


Image Source: Mint to be Weddings


There is no sense in wasting anything at a wedding. People are becoming more aware and conscious about their environment and couples trying to incorporate nature-friendly items in their wedding. Good ways to promote this is by giving seeds as a wedding favour or hosting a special event during the wedding week for friends and family to come together, get their hands dirty and plant some trees!


Edible & Usable Wedding Favours


Image Source: Elyse Hall


Wedding favours translates into the bride and groom thanking the guests for attending the wedding and being there for them on such a special day. Moreover, weddings can be tiring and continue way past midnight. Keeping all that in mind, put together the wedding favours (add in some snacking bits) that can come in handy and prove to be useful in the short or long run.


Quirky Hashtags for Social Media


Image Source: Strands of Silk


Inclusion of social media at your wedding is a good way of sharing photos with those who were unable to make it to the wedding and also check out the photos that your friends clicked with you. To make sure all the wedding photos get categorised under one easy-to-find compilation, quirky and unique hashtags are being put to use.


Which of these trends are you inclined towards including in your wedding?

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