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10 Beautiful Kerala Wedding Traditions

10 Beautiful Kerala Wedding Traditions

Traditions complete a wedding. They have been passed down from generation to generation and are full of meaning and joy. Let us look at some wedding rituals from Kerala that are shared by the different religious communities of the state. These are filled with colour and happiness that will bring tears to any person.


1) Nischayam

1) Nischayam

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This ritual is a traditional engagement ceremony. It is known as the Nischayam and has been a part of the Kerala wedding ceremonies over decades followed by almost all the communities living in the state. This occasion marks the day that two families meet and together, they plan the wedding rituals. The bride and groom horoscopes are matched and there is also the Mothiram Maattal that takes place. This is the official traditional ring. Bridal gifts are exchanged like jewellery and other ornaments. 


2) Dakshina Kodukkal

1) Nischayam

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Right before they leave for the main wedding ceremony, the bride and the groom perform the Dakshina Kodukkal. Here they ask for blessings from all the elders of the house. If you translate Dakshina it means blessings of the elders. This ceremony is warm and full of love.


3) Kanyadaan

1) Nischayam

Image Source: Gjiphotography


For a Nair couple, this is the main ceremony. It starts off by the ceremonial welcome for the groom and his family. This is then followed by the bride’s entry in an extravagant way. This makes both the bride and groom feel so special on their special day. After this, the family priest performs the traditional religious ceremony. The father of the bride hands over his daughter to her husband. He takes it and places her hand in her to-be husbands as a sign that she is now a part of you and together you are one.


4) Pudamuri

1) Nischayam

Image Source: Divyavithika


This ceremony marks the groom’s capacity to provide for his bride. He gifts her a saree. For the Nair community, this takes place during the Pudamuri ritual.


5) Griha Pravesh
1) Nischayam

Image Source: divyavithika


Unlike other Hindu Vidaai ceremonies, the Griha Pravesh is a happy one. No tears are shed and the bride enters her new home along with her husband in pomp and style. It usually takes place during an auspicious time known as Mahuratam. With a traditional lamp in her hand, she provides light. This act is known as Kudivep. This is one of the most auspicious rituals of Kerala wedding ceremonies.


6) Saptapadi
1) Nischayam

Image Source: Siva_prakash_photography


The Saptapadi which is similar to the Saat Phera, are the seven steps. This marks the journey couple are going to begin together. Each step marks a different aspect of being married like love in sickness and health and moves towards hearth and home. The couple circles the fire exactly seven times, hand in hand.


7) Salkaaram

1) Nischayam

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The traditional wedding celebration after all the religious ceremonies is known as the Salkaaram. It is fun and light and brings the whole family together.


8) Sthuthi Cholluka

1) Nischayam

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For a catholic Keralite couple, before they make their way to the church, there is a prayer that takes place known as the Sthuthi Cholluka. This is then followed by Gurudakshina which is similar to Dakshina Kodukkal, where they ask the elders for their blessings. 


9) The Bridal Kasavu

1) Nischayam

Image Source: Sai.foto.moments


The unique wedding attire that a Kerala bride wears is known as the Kasavu. She wears a white saree with a golden border. Though many brides do prefer other colours this form of saree has been passed down through generations. 


10) Sadhya

1) Nischayam

Image Source: gjiphotography


No wedding ceremony is complete without a scrumptious spread for the ceremony called Sadhya. This traditional feast also followed during the festival of Onam has some delicious food complete with rituals of eating the thali.

Now you know what to expect the next time you attend a wedding in Kerala. 

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