10 beautiful Vidaai moments that’ll instantly make you grab that tissue box!

10 beautiful Vidaai moments that’ll instantly make you grab that tissue box!


As you scroll through the blog, for the first few pictures a tissue or two could suffice, but as you keep scrolling I bet you’d need an entire box. Yes, you read that right!!


Vidaai is the most emotional part of a wedding, it is when a bride experiences mixed emotions- happiness and excitement for starting a new journey and at the same time anxiety and sadness of leaving her family, her home and her comfort zone.


Here’s me listing some of the most emotional vidaai moments I came across:


1. Bidding your mother adieu can make any bride go weak in her knees!


Image source: Sunny Dhiman Photography


2. When the groom wants to lighten up the moment and takes matters in his hand (literally)!


Image source: Navdeep Soni


3. An emotional moment which brought the groom to tears as well!


Image source: FOTOBAR


4. This moment between the bride and a little kiddo can cause anyone’s eyes to get welled up!


Image source: Wanderlancer


5. The bride consoling her mother as she sits in the car to leave for her marital home.



6. This bride is sure to miss her cute lil Doggo!



7. A timeless picture which cannot be forgotten!


Image source: Wedding Twinkles


8. The bride wiping off her sister’s tears.


Image source: Minchu Studio


9. Bursting with emotions- this picture says it all!



10. Candid shot of an emotional bride consoling her Dad!


Image source: Eleve Studio


Images source: Pinterest (unless specified)


Which one made you most emotional?

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