10 bindaas brides who entered their wedding while shaking a leg!

10 bindaas brides who entered their wedding while shaking a leg!


A dulhan these days wants everything about her wedding to be ‘Dhamakedaaaaaar’, from the start to the end!! The new age brides have ditched the pretentious look, the coy smile and forced shyness. They are out there to have fun and enjoy their D-Day as much as everyone else. And, why not?


Brides are making their entries memorable and absolutely full of masti, dancing like there is no tomorrow! I personally had a lot of fun looking at these pictures and I cannot even imagine the sort of fun these brides would have had while they were doing the latke-jhatke.


I’ve got you some energetic, mazedaar and stylish pictures of brides who entered their wedding venues with a BANG!


1. Don’t you feel like grooving seeing this bride?


Image source: The Wedding Crasher


2. Entering in style!


Image source: Shutter Down


3. Slaying it with her moves, this bride is having the time of her life!


Image source: Hitched and clicked


4. 100/100 in style and swag! Loving this dulhan!


Image source: Babal productions


5. ‘After all it’s MY day’ kinda look!


Image source: CoolBluez photography


6. The bride who was dancing her way through, not caring much about the guests surrounding her!


Image source: Abhi Sakshi Photography


7. This Bindaas bride has ditched the shyness and for all the good reasons!


Image source: Ombre by Harsheen Jammu


8. Some adaayein and some thumkaas-this bride has won my heart!


Image source: Safarsaga Films


9. Groove till you drop!


Image source: Safarsaga Films


10. There is nothing cooler than a chilled out bride!


Image source: Third Vision studio


Which bride’s moves have stolen your heart?


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