10 Bridal Bun Hairstyles for every kind of bride!

10 Bridal Bun Hairstyles for every kind of bride!

Whether you are looking for hairstyles for long hair or short hair, bridal buns have been the most popular bridal hairstyles of all the times. They are like the red lipstick of all the lipstick colours – timeless classic!


If you are looking to opt for a bun for your wedding you have some major inspo coming your way. Here’s me listing some really cool bridal bun options:


1. The one with tiny bells and pearl detailing in them:



2. A bridal bun completely adorned with flowers:


Image Source – Ruchika Basera Photography


3. The one with a bunch of roses on just one side:



4. The one with two strand of gajras on the bottom half:



5. The one with a statement accessory in the centre along with alternate roses and baby’s wreath on the sides:



6. The one with floral accessories exactly matching the wedding outfit:


Image Source – Jasmine Beauty Care


7. The one with multiple fishtail braids rolled into a braid and adorned with a minimal hair accessory:



8. The bridal bun completely adorned with mogra flowers:



9. The bridal bun adorned with exotic purple flowers:



10. The classic gajra bun:



So, which one would you opt for, when it comes to your wedding day?

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