10 Brides who Picked Bridesmen over Bridesmaids!

10 Brides who Picked Bridesmen over Bridesmaids!

We all know how important a bridesmaid is to a bride. From wardrobe crisis to daaru ka jugaad, she takes care of it all! What happens when the bride has less or no girlfriends? Her bridesmen step in, of course! The bridesmen follow the same duties as bridesmaids- they agree to pose for some crazy photos, are involved hands on in the wedding preparations since the start and also shed tears during the vidaai. To all the bridesmen out there, thanks for being the support system that a bride needs! Scroll down to read about the bridesmen who had their bride’s back!


1. Bride Deepika’s bridesmaids were her childhood friends.



Image source: Shutterdown


2. Kaabia Grewal’s Royal Squad



Image source: Naman Verma Photography


Kaabia Grewal’s BFFs Shivan & Narresh were not only her bridesmen but also the designers of every ensemble that she wore!


3. A bunch of cuties!


Image source: Infinite Memories


4. No Girlfriends!




Image source: Fernando Duque Fotografia


Bride and computer engineer Rebecca Sinohora has lots of female acquaintances but no female BFF. So she approached her five closest (guy)friends for a typical bride and bridesmaids photoshoot. The obliged happily and I have to say, it’s one of the best things I’ve seen online!


5. These bridesmen are giving in to her every whim and fancy!


Image source: Kamal Kiran Photography


6. Giving her some liquid encouragement!


Image source: Infinite Memories


7. The Thumka Squad!



8. This bride had an epic photoshoot with her bridesmen in Thailand!



Image source: Infinite Memories


9. Heading towards the desired destination with her bridesmen by her side!



10. Showing them who’s the boss!



Image source Pinterest unless specified.

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