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10 Budget-friendly Places For Your Destination Wedding

10 Budget-friendly Places For Your Destination Wedding

“Happiness is a mysterious thing, to be found somewhere between too little and too much.” 

Ruskin Bond, A Book of Simple Living

As a couple, it is important to have a budget for your wedding. It may be the happiest day of your life, but you need to save a buck or two for the future. In India, many weddings are paid for by the parents of the couple. Looking for less expensive options is also a great bonding tactic. 

Check this list before you begin picking your destination wedding location.

a) What is the meaning of the location?

b) How long is the travel time from the nearest airport or train station? 

c) How much space do we need?

d) What is the number of guests that are expected?

e) Are there hotels nearby to accommodate my guests? 

f) Are there places closer to my city?

Once you’ve got the answers to these questions, choosing a destination will be a piece of cake. Make sure to pick the tastiest one for your special day!

What you need to consider within your destination budget is 

A few places that could help you keep your budget and happiness in check.

1) Shimla in Himachal Pradesh

Source: StudioThirdVision

Yes, we’re talking about having a wedding in one of the most postcard-worthy locations in India. This location won’t need that much of decor because of how picturesque it already is! Besides, you can plan a wedding here within a decent 10 – 20 lakh budget. If you live in Delhi or any other state up north, this could be one of your options. 

2) Mandu in Madhya Pradesh

Source: VilasSali

Mandu as a destination with its old city charm will swoop your guests off their feet. Wedding budgets are subjective to each one but planning a royal wedding in Mandu as compared to a Rajasthan or Udaipur is comparatively cost-effective and can be wrapped up within a budget of 20-40 lakhs while retaining the same heritage state. 

3) Gokarna In Karnataka

Source: 5mileresort

Gokarna is a hot new destination for lovers of the beach with affordable stay options that can cost you a minimum of Rs 1000. The location is only 6 hours away from Mumbai and offers you a bohemian vibe that you long for. 

4) Goa

Source: studiothirdvision

What if your favourite getaway turns into your wedding destination? You can plan an exotic wedding in Goa at less than half the price you pay for in the city. A decent Goan wedding can cost you a minimum of Rs 3 lakhs complete with a live band for that added Goan flavour.

5) Kovalam in Kerala

Source: WevaPhotography

As yet another touristy destination, there’s nothing that Kovalam can’t offer right from breathtaking venues to delicious food. Keep your guest list to a minimum of 300 for a luxurious wedding within the Rs 10-25 lakh budget. 

6) Alleppey in Kerala 

Source: WedinkStories

You can have a surreal houseboat wedding on the backwaters of Kerala complete with a spa experience, great food etc. within a budget of Rs 15 lakhs. 

7) Lavasa In Maharashtra

Source: PhotoAlways

You can have a grand wedding on the lush green hills of Lavasa with a theme that you’ve always envisioned and at prices that begin with Rs 250 per guest. 

8) Bolgatty in Kerala

Source: WevaPhotography

This location that is situated on the shores of the warm Kochi bay waters gives you the chance to have a royal wedding with a minimum cost of Rs 250 per guest to a maximum of Rs 3000!

9) Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra

Source: Theconartists

This beautiful hill station will be perfect as a destination wedding for those that love the hills. Wedding venue prices here range from Rs 450 to Rs 3000 per guest. 

10) Nasik in Maharashtra

Source: SulaVines

A destination that is perfectly manicured with a greek-style amphitheatre and gourmet food + wine could be your wedding destination! The best part is the prices that begin at Rs 800 per plate! 

A celebration of love with a budget is not that hard. You just need to know where to look.

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