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10 Chandelier ideas that you should consider to up your wedding decor game!

10 Chandelier ideas that you should consider to up your wedding decor game!

Adding a certain amount of royal touch to the entire decor, chandeliers basically give any wedding a finishing touch – not only making it look complete, but also grand and magnificent. These add a ‘larger than life’ vibe to the entire decor!!


Whether it is a gigantic chandelier, a rustic one, floral or dainty and elegant-every chandelier has its own charm and lifts the entire decor to a whole new level.


Here are some chandeliers you could take inspiration from to up your decor game:


1. Offbeat wooden chandeliers in abstract shapes with lamps, flowers and leaves are a great option for the natural and subtle look!


Image source: Castle Hill Inn


2. Talking about magnificent chandeliers, this floral-inspired chandelier is absolutely stunning and a treat to the eyes!


Image source: Bianca Versati


3. This 100% white, floral chandelier is refreshing and gives a good contrast to the colour of the drapes


Image source: Picture Art Company


4. Classic gigantic chandelier- sticking to the basics in a grand way!


Image source: Wedding Dream


5. Multiple-layered orange and white flowers make up for awe-inspiring chandeliers- a great pick for an afternoon wedding!


Image source: Brides essentials


6. When you have a chandelier like this one, you are sure to floor your guests! This one is a mix of lamps and an unmissable floral arrangement!


Image source: DreamzKrraft


7. Upping the decor game by adding a floral touch to an otherwise traditional chandelier!


Image source: DreamzKrraft


8.Subtle, elegant and stylish- these multiple chandeliers are sure to make the entire decor look grand and enviable!


Image source: Elements by Harkrishan


9. Resembling upside-down cane baskets, these natural looking floral chandeliers with little yellow lamps is a gorgeous pick for an afternoon wedding!


Image source: What a beginning


10. A rather unconventional style of rectangular chandeliers- with fairy lights at the top and dainty red floral decor at the bottom of the chandeliers


Image source: Aviraj Saluja

Decor by: DreamzKrraft


Which chandelier design has you awestruck?

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