10 Clever and Hilarious Wedding Signage ideas

10 Clever and Hilarious Wedding Signage ideas

Having a personal touch at weddings is quite the norm these days. With brides getting their love stories on their hands in the form of mehendi designs, couple names on the back of blouse designs, wedding juttis and dupattas and with customized wedding invites, favours and gifts; the bar has been set rather high! 


Now this fad has trickled to the wedding signages as well. The plain jane ones with only the bride’s and groom’s name on them are now passe. Couples are adding a tinge of quirkiness and humour to the signages, which are placed outside wedding venues as well. From sweet quotes to something meaningful and from blunt to hilarious sayings, couples are creating a pretty good rather pretty funny first impression for their guests.


Here are some of the best and funniest signages I rounded up for the to-be-couples who want a dash of inspiration:


1. It couldn’t get more blunt and upfront than this, could it?



2. A small and subtle quote, urging people to get grooving on the dance floor!



3. A personal favourite, I love the dance floor rules, curated in a super-funny and interesting way!



4. Ouch! I am floored by this blunt and in-your-face signage idea!



5. Some signages just are just so simple and sweet!


Image source: Lacy Matusek Photography


6. Funnier than this signage? You bet!


Image source: Mandee Johnson Photography


7. This couple has some swag! I love the savage wedding signage.


Image source: Hot Metal Studio


8. Bang on! This couple has it all sorted out!


Image source: Joshua Rainey Photography


9. Quirky and funny- this signage is a must-have, if you and your partner want to keep it real 😛


Image source: James Simmons Photography


10. Signage or warning?


Image source: Alicia Petitti Photography


If you want your guests to not only have a lasting first impression, but a hilarious one too, go in for a funny or quirky wedding signage!

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