10 Cool Couple Tattoos To Get Inked for the Wedding

10 Cool Couple Tattoos To Get Inked for the Wedding

Tattoos are a great way to proclaim something as permanent. Simple designs or personalised, complicated designs, each one holds some significance for the person who gets inked. For couples, it can mean ‘a love that lasts forever’. Before the wedding week begins, every couple has its own way of doing something special that is meant just for the two of them. How about getting matching tattoos?  Here are some tattoo ideas for couples that they can get inked for their wedding: 


1. If you wish to keep things uncomplicated, just get matching ‘Arrow in Heart’ tattoos!


Image Source: Robin Studios


2. You can get your initials etched on to your skin. Simple yet meaningful design.


Image Source: Ewa & Jeromy Ko


3. The ‘Lock and Key’ tattoo symbolises the key to your partner’s heart.


Image Source: Melody Kussner


4. A pinky promise tattoo means you two will always uphold the promises you make to each other.


Image Source: Katynedilya


5. Getting the anchor tattooed is also a good idea. The anchor basically means you are there to lend support to your partner.


Image Source: Beach Wedding Tips Blog


6. How about getting the wedding date tattooed in Roman numerals? This way, you will never forget your anniversary!


Image Source: Kierstyn Peterson


7. If you are the romantic couple who believe their lives revolve around each other, get the moon and sun tattoo.


Image Source: YK


8. Instead of wedding rings, get the bands tattooed on your fingers.


Image Source: Tattoo Do


9. ‘Lifeline to Your Heart’ – another lovely choice for the romantic couple, don’t you think?


Image Source: Pinterest


10. This one is for all the Harry Potter fans and couples out there.


Image Source: Gloria Manzillo


Which one is your favourite tattoo design? Let us know in the comments below!

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