10 cutest & super adorable ways to decorate the room for your bestie bride-to-be!

10 cutest & super adorable ways to decorate the room for your bestie bride-to-be!


If your bestfriend is getting married then you can't just let her sign off from her singlehood without a terrific surprise, can you?


As usual, when I was hovering over instagram I found some really cool & adorable ways in which you can decorate your bestie bride-to-be’s room to give her a cute little pre wedding surprise. Check out all the gorgeous ways in which real brides were surprised by her bffs (PS: the last one is the best surprise ever, so don’t miss that out) -



1. Pastel pink and white balloons for a fresh bridal morning




2. Living room decor with the “Bride to be” spelt out loud





3. The Balloons extravaganza






4. Bedroom-bar decor for the future Mrs.





5. Trendy decor for a bride-to-be with a sweet tooth




6. The fav brands of the shopaholic bride-to-be






7. For the one who loves champagne / wine





8. The bath-tub with roses & scented candles -




9. The one where there are flowers everywhere -




10. The best surprise ever - her bae for life!




Image Source Pinterest unless specified!



So any progress of your surprise party for your bestie bride-to-be?

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