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10 Easy tips to impress your ‘saasu-ma’ just after your wedding ;)

10 Easy tips to impress your ‘saasu-ma’ just after your wedding ;)

Brides-to-be out there, just when you think wedding planning, erratic schedules and a whole lot of decision-making was cumbersome- gear up for loads more…

Right after you get hitched, you have to deal with a set of new people, your new family and specifically your ‘saasu-ma’!


Let’s agree to it, the thought of having a sasu-maa to deal with may make any new bahu shudder. To get you rid of all your apprehensions, fears and presumed notions – I have got you some tips, which are must-read if you want to dodge inescapable circumstances, taunts and remarks post your shaadi.


Here is your list of tips, which you must follow to the ‘T’ for optimum results like more pyaar, aashirwaad and possibly khaandani jewellery (just kidding :p)-


1. Don’t forget to greet them!



You are a married woman now! A good morning wish or a nice smile can make a lot of difference in creating that positive environment in a new home with new family members!

If you do, prepare yourself to be tagged a snob already!!


2. Try to be humble and patient!



Yes, you must be bindaas and outgoing and super blunt, but it’s a nice idea to be patient and humble with your in laws and the same will follow from the other side..After all adjusting with in-laws does take time, let alone just the elder generation!


3. Become the kitchen queen!



If you know how to cook, perfect! If you don’t then just pretend!!

Behave like you are the bahu who has the most fun in the kitchen and not in the bedroom (at least for the first few days)!


4. Shower them with gifts!



Even if this means you have exhausted your salary at mid-month, GO FOR IT! Yes, she will refuse at first, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want them (facepalm), who doesn’t like a few gifts after all!


5. Remember, ummmm…EVERYTHING!



You are not only a bahu– you are more!

A calendar and a robot, which will make you come across as an extremely good, sensitive and very caring human being! Remember birthdays, anniversaries, likes, dislikes, culinary preferences and doctor appointments.


6. Share random things



Make sure she is a part of your life,  by sharing small, okay never mind, i’ll just be honest, by sharing every random thing with her, you just make her feel close and comfortable in your presence.


7. Relax…



Remember that it IS your new home where you will be spending the rest of your life. So just relax and be yourself, a little compromise in the beginning is required, but hey which bonds are created without a little bit of sacrifice and adjustments from both sides?


All this gyaan is highly subjective and doesn’t intend to hurt the feelings of any sweet saas-maas!

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