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10 Easy Tips to Plan your Perfect Reception

10 Easy Tips to Plan your Perfect Reception

Planning a wedding is known to be an arduous task- exhausting, hectic, and involving a cartload of multi-tasking! From visiting a bevvy of vendors to going for a plethora of trials, wedding planning is a mix of handling the minutest of details and executing them with perfection. 

However, after planning for the wedding is all wrapped up, couples usually make the mistake of taking the planning process for the reception rather lightly, forgetting that there a million things that go into making your reception a HIT! 

From creating a checklist to selecting your vendors, and from picking a venue to scouting for unconventional ways to make the ceremony stand out, there are a whole lot of things that you ought to plan for your reception. 

Here is an all-inclusive list of pointers in order, with what you should be starting the planning process and how:

1.Pick a Venue

Once your wedding date is finalised, it is best to pick a venue at the earliest. Some millennial couples end up inviting more guests at the reception as compared to the wedding, so keep the number of people and your budget in mind while searching for a suitable venue. 

2. Make a timeline (and stick to it)

Include everything in the timeline- appointment, shopping, fittings and trials, etc. More than creating a timeline it is extremely important to stick to the timeline and keep updating it at regular intervals.

3. Venue Recce

After selecting a venue, it is important to go for a recce to get other things in order. For example, if there is space to set up a live food counter or if the roof is high enough for long chandeliers.

4. Bigger things come first

Focus more on bigger tasks like catering, decor, makeup, and outfits. After getting them sorted, move onto the smaller tasks. You cannot be worried about not getting a particular dessert, while your decor is at bay!

5. Lighting

Usually, the reception takes place during the evening. In this case, it is best to be well-equipped with lighting arrangements. Lighting can make or break the decor and overall look of the venue. 

6. The finer things

Once these things are out of your way, you can look at the finer things. Add little details like monochrome napkins, customised table numbers, etc. 

7. Take care of your seating

As soon as the RSVPs start coming in, it is best to start sorting out the seating arrangement. Keep a list of cards with the name of guests ready and seat them accordingly. Always have a couple of tables extra in case you have last-minute guests or a family forgets to RSVP.

8. Outdoor settings

If you have picked an outdoor venue for your reception, it is best to keep a backup. One can never trust the weather, so it is best to have an indoor venue like a hall booked close by to the original venue.

9. Ask for a planner

Whether it is seating the guests, guiding them towards the buffet, raising a toast or putting the ceremony in order, a planner is essential on the day of the reception. Ask your venue if they have a planner or else arrange for one yourself. 

10. Save on time and money

If you are having the wedding and reception back-to-back, it is best to have them at the same location- saving the cost of transporting guests and the money spent decor and other elements. Preferably, have these two ceremonies on different days. 

All set to host an amazing reception?

Cover image source: The Papier Project 

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