10 gorgeous and offbeat Kaleera designs for the 2019 brides!

10 gorgeous and offbeat Kaleera designs for the 2019 brides!


Kaleeras is not only an auspicious ornament, tied to the bride as part of a wedding ritual anymore! Over the years, it has become a style statement and a piece of jewellery to flaunt!


I have been seeing some brides flaunting a classic and traditional kaleeras, while some opted for more edgy and contemporary kaleera designs. With floral jewellery becoming an integral part of bridal ensemble, floral kaleeras have also been added to the list. Moreover, there are some brides who are breaking the internet by experimenting with customized ones.


Here’s me listing some kaleera designs that will instantly grab your attention. Scroll down to know more:


1. This bride has gone in for gold and pink floral kaleeras, completely contrasting her bridal outfit!


Image source: The Videowala


2. Classic gold kaleeras with a twist- this bride has paired them with customized, matching tassels with the couple’s name embroidered on them!



3. Traditional, oversized gold kaleeras, which complemented the bride’s traditional and authentic bridal outfit!


Image source: The Videowala


4. With floral jewellery becoming quite a rage- this bride has paired her otherwise traditional kaleeras with white flowers!


Image source: PRUNE


5. Single, long and oversized kaleeras are making quite a statement and giving major #RoyalFeels!


Image source: The Videowala


6. This bride has gone in for a chic, subtle and minimalistic look! She has paired her kaleeras with the hue of her lehenga blouse. The kaleeras are rather small, simple and refreshing, a great pick for the new-age brides!


Image source: Ombre by Harsheen Jammu


7. The bride has gone all out with these floral kaleeras! They are young, refreshing and super gorgeous!!



8. Ahh! Silver kaleeras with multiple pearl strings are major inspo for an edgy look!


Image source: Razz photography


9. Another bride who is flaunting some pretty pink florals combined with her gold kaleeras.


Image source: Mohit Jaura Photography


10. Kaabia Grewal broke the internet with her awe-inspiring seashell kaleeras!


Image source: David Bastianoni


Which offbeat Kaleeras are you planning to flaunt on your D-day?

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