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10 healthy snacks for brides-to-be ensuring you fit into that lehenga!

10 healthy snacks for brides-to-be ensuring you fit into that lehenga!



You are all set to tie the knot soon. You are super excited. Your lehenga is all ready and stitched. You are working, you are stressed, you are getting the pre-wedding jitters, you have shopping to do, you have packing to do and you have to tolerate your own mood swings. Sounds relatable?


At this busy and stressful time, the first thing you want to reach out for is comfort food- pizza, burgers, waffles, shakes, momos and the like. But, you cannot, as you have to fit into your lehenga.

Amidst this dilemma all you need is some healthy snacking options which are easy-to-make, hassle-free, low in calories and provide you with the necessary energy.


We’ve prepared a list of items for you to choose from during this crunch time which are healthy and won’t make you feel guilty:


1.Fresh fruits



A house full of fibre, potassium, vitamin-C and nutrients!

You can opt for these as a snack during the day or for breakfast.

TIP: Add chaat masala, salt and pepper to make a fruit chaat.


Approx calorie count:

1 banana- 89 calories

1 apple- 52 calories

1 orange- 47 calories

1 pear- 57 calories

1 guava- 68 calories


2. Chickpeas salad



This healthy snack has vitamin-C, vitamin B-6, potassium, fibre and helps maintaining cholesterol and it is yummmmmy!

What more do you want?

TIP: Preferably garnish it with a bit of lemon for better taste.


Approx calorie count: 1 cup of chickpeas has 60 calories


3. Steamed idli



You have time on your hand, but you don’t have a healthy, nourishing and sumptuous meal in mind. Choose steamed idlis. They have calcium, potassium and folate.

TIP: Preferably choose sambhar over chutney as it has less calories.


Approx calorie count: 1 idli has 39 calories.


4. Buttermilk / Chaas



Sometimes you keep wondering what drink can you have which is refreshing, cooling, tasty and healthy. Asking for too much?


Opt for a glass of chilled chaas. It is high on macronutrients, calcium, vitamins and good for the digestive system.

TIP: Preferably have it chilled.


Approx calorie count: 1 glass has 99 calories


5. Murmura Chivda



This mixture of puffed rice is high in carbohydrates, fiber and helps boost metabolism.

TIP: Add some curry leaves, mustard seeds and peanuts for better taste.


Approx calorie count: 1 average-sized cup has 113 calories


6. Paneer Tikka



An easy to make, healthy meal option which is super-high on protein.

TIP: Grill some tomatoes, onions and capsicum to have a barbeque feel and up the taste game!


Approx calorie count: 6 average-sized pieces have a total of 272 calories


7. Popcorn



Rich in antioxidants and fiber, this a midday snack if you want to remain fit and fit into your lehenga.

TIP: Enjoy the popcorn bit by bit, or the bowl will be over before you know it!


Approx calorie count: 375 calories per 100gms


8. Egg white omelette



This light and fluffy meal is filling and has zero carbohydrates or sugar, making it a perfect meal option. Try using as less butter/ oil as possible (best if you have without it).

TIP: Have it with some tomato ketchup for better taste.


Approx calorie count: A 3 egg omelette will have 216 calories


9. Makhana / Fox nuts



Looking out for something that you can snack on without any prep?

Your solution is Makhanas or phool makhanas!

These are high on fibre, have good carbs and are full of nutrients.

TIP: You can roast them lightly for better taste and crunch.


Approx calorie count: 180 calories per 50 gms serving


10. Grilled chicken



If you don’t want to be too harsh on yourself, indulge in grilled chicken- a great combo of super healthy+soooo delicious!

TIP: Coat it with some spice rub to bring some tingle onto your tastebuds.


Approx calorie count: 226 calories per 100gms


Which snack would you like to try out first?

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