10 Memes on Marriage that are oh so relate-able!


What do SMS texts, whatsapp messages and memes have in common? They relentlessly make fun of the married life! We humour the married life day in day out with jokes like ‘happy marriage is an oxymoron’. In the day and age of memes, I present you 10 of the funniest memes on married life that made me and my colleagues say “SO TRUE!”


1. I mean.. I can’t even deny this one!



2. Soul mates only till it comes to sharing food!



3. Build a new home together they said, it will be fun they said.






5. I always listen to you babe…so what was it again?!



6. Ahem..let’s not discuss about authority!



7. All the Indian babies, all the Indian babies!



8. One more time..I will shred him into pieces if he does this one more time!



9. Extra is my middle name!



10. There was no tomorrow….



Happy ever after friends!


Picture source- Pinterest unless specified.

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